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Brooklyn Man Starts UFO Hotline

From If you’ve seen a UFO lately, you might want to call this number: 347-298-9020. The hotline was established by retired computer consultant Joe Capp, who has [..]


Churchill Banned UFO Report to Avoid Mass Panic

Via Yahoo! News (yeah, i’ve had this in my queue for 2 weeks, i’m lazy busy): Reports given to Churchill claimed that a reconnaissance aircraft returning to Britain [..]


Tipster Reveals Recent Kevin Mitnick Incident on Twit Live

I received a tip from my new buddy Henk today who resides in the Netherlands. It’s regarding a couple of topics most of us are probably all familiar [..]

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How One Man With No ‘Leet Skills Became A Soldier in the Georgia-Russia Cyberwar

  I just read a story on Slate that is scary because just any old rag tag group of patriots can form their own ad-hoc coalition to wantonly [..]

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