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The Industries Being Overhauled by IOT

IOT (Internet of Things) is not just a buzzword, it’s a paradigm shift in how we think about computing and devices…and it’s here today. The folks at Motley [..]


Bitcoin Infographic

Tired of trying to explain bitcoin to  your Aunt Becky? Show her this infographic and solve the mystery.


Being Green When We’re at Home and on the Web

We’ve become accustomed to the most common ways to reduce energy in our homes and at work, including using more public transportation, turning off the lights in unused [..]


Samsung tests 5G technology – But What Does It All Mean?

All the news and technology websites have been abuzz for the past few days with news that Samsung has been testing out new 5G mobile broadband communications which [..]

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"Your card number must not contain spaces!"

I just had to repost this funny tweet from Simon Harris.