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3 Ways your business can be more efficient

Every online business owner is looking for easy ways to make their business more efficient. Whether they have a fleet to look after, a team to keep organized, or are looking for ways to reduce downtime, there will always be a solution to your problem. However, this solution is not always clear, and can therefore be a pain in the neck to organize and sort. Here are three ways that your business can be more efficient, whether it is helping workers, helping your deliveries, or even making sure that your business is secure for your employees and customers. 

#1 Effective fleet management

This can be a great way to help your drivers, and keep them organized, even when they are on the road. This can make your business hugely efficient, even when you feel that the product has been taken out of your hands. Having an organized fleet who you are in contact with and who you are constantly keeping an eye on can help you inform customers of ETAs (Estimated Times of Arrival) and can help you with your business’s efficiency by planning what goes on what trip. This can help you keep your warehouse moving and help to avoid downtime, too. 

#2 Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is one of the most important things about running an efficient business. This is because of the number of threats there are online and the huge potential for a business to have a cyberattack. This can be awful for your business as you can quickly experience bankruptcy at the click of a button. You can stop silly mistakes and issues from happening by investing in end-user training, and by making sure that everyone is well-trained and knows what to do if they think an employee is behaving maliciously. 

#3 Effective communication

A high level of communication is required to lower the risk of downtime within your business. This can be a huge loss of money and can be a huge morale killer within your business. Having a high level of communication with a group of highly trained employees is the way to go forward, as this will mean that your production is higher, and the levels of comprehension are higher too, making tasks easier to get on with. Having effective communication keeps your business ticking over nicely, and can help everyone keep tabs on what everyone else is doing, and the speed they are working at, too. 

To wrap things up

In conclusion, it can be a hassle to make sure that everything is well planned and efficient. There can be huge number of complications when it comes to making sure that your business is organized and can help you sort everything out. However, by using cybersecurity to keep your business running smoothly, having excellent communication to keep morale high, and using fleet management services to make sure that your customers are well informed, you can keep those complications to a minimum and you can make your business more efficient. 

Reasons why a career in IT could offer the best future employment security

In today’s volatile economic climate, it’s becoming harder and harder for prospective job seekers to pick a course and qualification that offers genuine job stability and opportunities for career progression. There’s little doubting the influence that computers and technology have had on the world of work and with the increasing integration of automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning in the workplace, it can seem a daunting prospect trying to decide which avenue of work might offer the best employment security in the future.

Why IT is a future-proof employment path

While it’s true many previously safe and established professions are under threat from the incessant march of technology, there is one sector that employment analysts all agree will offer considerable job security in the coming years – namely, a career working in the IT industry. Even if you’re already working in another job, studying an IT degree online in your spare time could open a world of employment opportunities – perhaps seeing you make a sideways move with your current employer or starting afresh in an entirely different career.

Here are just a few reasons why IT could be the best career path for you:

A huge variety of different disciplines within one sector: One of the greatest advantages of studying a qualification applicable to the IT industry is the sheer diversity of professions it can encompass. IT surrounds us these days and has influenced every aspect of both our work and personal lives, meaning there are multiple career paths open – everything from a job as a web developer to working as a data analyst, network security specialist or even as an ethical hacker. Working in IT also provides flexibility in terms of work set-up. Applicants can look for on-site or remote jobs in Dallas, Atlanta and Washington DC if they are looking for good salary and benefits. Having a base knowledge and understanding will open multiple doors – even if you might have to take on some extra dedicated learning if you want to specialize.

Demand is high: The IT sector has been consistently growing for the last 20 years and shows absolutely no signs of slowing anytime soon. As we move more and more of our work and personal data online, the demand for IT specialists is only going to increase. As an added benefit, IT students have been known to work freelance through their studies – so you could be earning before you’re even fully qualified.

Structured career progression: As mentioned, the umbrella term ‘IT’ covers a huge range of different disciplines meaning sideways moves are always possible should you find yourself reaching the ceiling in a particular specialist area. Moreover, as IT continues to play an increasingly important part in our lives, so the number of dedicated companies grows. If you have the relevant skills, there’s really no limit on where your career could take you.

One of the highest-paying jobs: With IT now such an integral part of most company’s operations (just try thinking of any business that doesn’t rely on its IT and networking systems), employees with tech skills have become a valued commodity across the entire business spectrum. Not only does this offer massive possible career diversity, it also results in IT workers being paid a higher salary than most other workers at a comparable level in the employment ladder. Even as a new-start or junior, you can expect to earn more than the national pay average.

3 Ways to Reduce the Costs Associated with Managing a Fleet

If your business is one that requires you to own and operate a fleet of vehicles for shipping purposes, you are likely to be no stranger to the costs associated with such an endeavor. From managing the salaries of your drivers to purchasing and maintaining your fleet, it is certainly not cheap to keep a fleet running. However, if having your own fleet is ultimately more affordable than using a third-party carrier, then it might be your only viable option.

Thankfully, there are several approaches that you can take in order to cut costs and keep the managing of your fleet more affordable. If you are looking to reduce the cost of managing and running your fleet of shipping vehicles, here are three points that you should consider.

1. Implement Risk Management Software

There is no denying the fact that some of the most expensive aspects of managing a fleet involve accidents and breakdowns on the road. Not only can repairs to your vehicles be costly, but dealing with insurance in the event that an accident or breakdown involves other drivers on the road can also be expensive. Furthermore, missing deliveries or having your driver arrive late can cause repercussions that might even result in the loss of business.

Risk management is the only way to keep such occurrences at bay, and the right driver risk management software might be just what you need to keep your fleet running smoothly. By keeping tabs on your fleet and ensuring that your drivers are using the best risk management practices, you can help keep your fleet on the road and running strong.

2. Focus on Fuel Efficiency

Another costly aspect of keeping your fleet running is that of fuel. Fuel costs can be quite variable, making it difficult for you to stick to your projected spending at times. Moreover, you have to take into account that fuel costs can be different in various states and regions that you are shipping to.

While fuel is a necessary expenditure for a commercial fleet, there are ways of reducing fuel costs. For instance, encouraging your drivers to use more fuel-efficient driving methods can do a great deal to cut down your fuel costs. Make sure your drivers are educated on how to drive in a more fuel-efficient manner.

3. Consider the Lifecycle of Your Vehicles

Some of your most important assets are your vehicles. However, it is important to bear in mind that all vehicles have a lifecycle, meaning that at some point they will become more costly to maintain than it would be to replace them. Understand the lifecycles of your vehicles to the best of your ability so that you can more or less predict when switching out an older vehicle for a new one is going to be necessary. You might think that hanging onto a vehicle as long as possible makes sense, but when you consider the amount of money it will take to make necessary repairs, you might find that it makes more financial sense to replace it.

How Can You Make Your Business Tech-Savvy?

One of the worries for business owners who are not knowledgeable about technology themselves is that they will not be able to modernize their business and keep up with all of the latest digital trends. If you are concerned that your business is not tech-focused enough, here is a simple guide on how to boost your business’s use of technology and digital platforms.

Hire a Web Development Company

The groundwork of using tech within your company comes from the internet, with getting online being the first and most important step when you are trying to incorporate tech into your company. Although it may be difficult to make this transition yourself, hiring a web development company like ALT Agency will allow you to get expert advice in terms of your SEO and website design. ALT Agency Birmingham can help boost the effectiveness of your digital campaigns. This will ensure that your tech usage can always remain professional and at the same level as other companies within your industry.

Train Your Employees to Use Tech

However, if your employees fall behind while you are increasing your tech usage, this usage is likely to remain ineffective and inefficient. Then, you should take great pains to ensure that your employees know how to use every single piece of new tech that you implement, establishing comprehensive training programs, and updating these regularly. You may also consider sending your employees for online tech courses outside of your company or signing up for webinars that may help them to boost their skills. 

Install the Latest Gadgets and Software

There is no point in knowing how to be tech-savvy, though, if you are unable to put your new skills into practice. Then, it is important that you make your business tech-savvy by installing the latest gadgets and software. However, you should research the best options for your business and industry before you do so and ensure that these will be used effectively within your company, rather than buying a lot of low-quality gadgets that your company does not need in order to thrive.

Learn Tech Skills and Technical Language

As a business leader though, it is paramount that you have a refined set of technical skills that can prevent you from having to employ a specialist IT team to run your operations. This should include basics such as trouble-shooting and coding, and you can learn these from Youtube and other video-sharing platforms. You should also make sure that you are fluent in technical language and terms, as this will help you understand the tech that your business is using. 

Join Digital and Tech-Minded Communities

To engage your business with tech completely, though, you should consider joining a few online communities that are focused on technology. This will help your business meet other companies that operate online, and that could give you advice while also ensuring that you hear about the latest tech advances and the best new gadgets for your company. 

How To Cope Up With Work From Home Set Up

Some think that working from home is easy, but actually there are challenges in it that you might experience especially in the long run. If you are experiencing issues in this kind of setup, it is highly recommended that you take immediate action so this will not give you too much headaches and stress.

So how to cope up when working from home? Here are some of the things you may want to consider.

Coping Up With Work From Home Set Up

Here are some of the things you can do to cope up with this kind of work set up:

  • Prepare a schedule

Make sure that you prepare a schedule before your day starts. Schedule the time when you will work, when you will rest, take a meal and so forth. Once you create a schedule, make sure you follow it thoroughly.

Create a schedule per hour, post it on your desk and set an alarm if you think that you will have a hard time following the schedule you created.

Gambling like other activities in life should always be done within a strict time limit, set a limit and stick to it. Make sure you read reviews of slots before playing to ensure you know how they work and how best to win, websites like are experts at this.. Make sure though that all these activities are scheduled, never do anything in advance as that will derail the schedule you already created for the day.

  • Keep a space dedicated only for work

Keep a space that is dedicated to just working. Not having a workspace at home will give you a harder time to differentiate working from resting at home. Having a space will also allow you to design it like you are really at work.

If you only have a small space at home, designating a space for work may not be easy, a table dedicated for work, is enough for situations like this.

The space or the table should not be used for any purpose other than working. This can help you set the tone that work is about to start. 

  •  Communicate with your manager, colleagues or subordinates

Make sure that you do not lose contact with your workmates. Let your managers know your progress on the project you are currently working on. Make sure that they are updated of things about your work.

For your colleagues, you need to seek help from them when needed and be always ready to provide help when they need it. Your subordinates should always feel your presence. Give them a call, send them a message or an email whether they need anything or not.

Communication is very critical in times like this, make sure that your communication lines are always open.

  • Dress up like you are in the office

Sometimes, dressing up like you are going to a real office can help. When wearing your pajamas you won’t feel the urgency of working. Dressing up can set the tone very well that you have to start working and feel like you are in a real office set up, and besides looking beautiful is always a good idea.

Why You Should Jump on the Digital Marketing Bandwagon

Technology continues to evolve every day. Because of that, the marketplace is becoming more and more digital. This has made digital marketing one of the best tools for gaining new visitors and conversions. Also, it has enabled a lot of consumers to purchase products and services online, as well as to conduct research.

This has seen a lot of businesses turning to digital marketing in order to reach and engage online customers. For instance, an online casino such as may post a Facebook ad whenever they release a new slot machine in order to get new players to sign up and try it out.

Apart from that, there are so many other advantages of digital marketing, including the fact that it is cost-effective. Below, we show you some of the many reasons why you should try digital marketing today.

Digital marketing is a powerful form of marketing

There are so many ways that you can market your products. However, of all the various methods that you could use, digital marketing remains the most powerful marketing tool. In fact, it will change how you reach and engage your customers within a few minutes. There is no denying the fact that digital marketing allows you to increase your reach, as well as get conversions within a short period of time.

Digital marketing tactics are cost-effective

As mentioned above, digital marketing is the most cost-effective way to market yourself and your business. When you are a small business that is still trying to make it, it is really expensive to use other traditional methods of marketing such as TV, newspapers, and more. That is why casinos advertise their slot games aslso known as jeux du casino in French, advertise through webistes.

On the other hand, digital marketing allows you the chance to compete with bigger brands as it is affordable, and you get to showcase your products in the same space. This is because there are many affordable digital marketing tactics that small businesses could use.

Top Tech Tools Every Nurse Needs

Are you a busy nurse working in the healthcare industry, trying to find ways to make your life as smooth, organized, and efficient as possible? Perhaps that means adjustments at work, or maybe your personal life – anything that helps and makes things easier overall is usually welcomed. This is where technology has really managed to swoop in and fill a gap. It is absolutely incredible how many tech tools people have available to them nowadays and just how functional they are.

With that said, it can seem a bit overwhelming to wade through all the options and figure out what the must-have tech tools are. Not to worry, as we’ve done the research and digging for you and have come up with a list of the top tech tools that every nurse needs in their life.

Smartwatch – Have a Bevy of Tools and Information at Your Fingertips

If you haven’t yet dipped your toes into the world of smartwatches, let 2020 be the year you give them a try. While they are certainly functional as a watch, it is all the additional features that really shine on these tech tools.

Some of the standout features on these watches include such things as a timer, alarm, calendar, the ability to read and respond to text messages and emails, the weather report, excellent fitness tracking abilities, the ability to receive calls, social media notifications, and so much more. It seems like with each new model that is released, the features become more and more high-tech.

As for which smartwatches are the best for 2020, there are a few that really stand out. Top models include the Fitbit Versa 2, Apple Watch Series 5 or 3, Amazfit Bip S, and the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. These models start at under $100 and go up from there depending on the brand and the features you’re looking for.

Laptop – Versatile, Mobile, and Plenty of Uses

Another must-have tech tool for nurses is a laptop. Now, this one is even more important if you happen to be furthering your education with one of the popular accelerated nursing programs online such as the BSN – Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Clearly, you’ll need to have access to a powerful and reliable computer that allows you to engage in your studies. With a laptop, you’ll also have the convenience of being able to work and study on the go, rather than just at home.

But which laptop is the best one to invest in? Which model is ideal for students? There are actually quite a few models worth looking into. Here’s a small look at some of the possibilities, each with its own pros and cons.

HP Pavilion 14 – This particular model is just known as being a good all-around option. It works well for pretty much every student out there and it’s built to last, it has an impressive amount of internal storage space, a 14″ screen, and a sleek look to it. As for the price point, this one isn’t the most expensive out there, but it’s also not the cheapest model. It may not be ideal if you’re on a tight budget.

Acer Chromebook 15 – perhaps you don’t need a full-out laptop; perhaps a Chromebook would be more than enough. The Acer Chromebook 15 is ideal for students who are on a tight budget but still need something reliable and powerful. With its 15.6″ screen, you also have that extra screen space that can be really useful. Other standout features include its long-lasting battery life, decent hardware, and it’s both responsive and fast.

Other models you could do some research on include the Apple MacBook Air (2019), Lenovo Yoga 530, HP Envy X360, and the Dell Inspiron 14 3000.

Mini Voice Recorder with Built-In USB – Note Taking Made Simple

Whether you are a nursing student or a practicing RN, there is no doubt that you are taking notes multiple times throughout the day. So, why not make it a smoother, faster process with a voice recorder that has a built-in USB? All you have to do is speak your notes into the device, and then plug it into your computer. You can find models with extra-long battery life to get through an entire shift with ease, and a typical 8GB device can hold up to 36 hours of recorded files.

This small device will completely transform the way you take notes, save you time, and can make your shift a whole lot smoother.

The Posture Sensor – Ensure You’re Not Setting Yourself Up for Pain

Nurses are known for having long shifts with plenty of standing and walking around. Getting a chance to actually sit down and relax is basically unheard of, and all that time on your feet can be downright painful for your body. One tip is to try to focus on your posture and make sure you are maintaining proper alignment at all times. However, that tends to be easier said than done. That’s when this nifty little tech tool can come in handy.

The Sense-U Posture Sensor can be clipped onto your shirt/scrubs, and each time you start to slouch, it will vibrate. This is meant to act as a reminder to stand up straight, stop slouching, and check your posture. It is just a magnetic clip so it can attach to your scrubs with ease.

The idea behind this one is that it’s training you to be more mindful of your posture so that over time you will have less and less vibrating and it becomes second-nature to stand up and sit properly. You can even use it outside of work as that constant reminder.

Tech Tools that Make Your Life Easier

As a nurse, there is no doubt that you have enough stress and work on your plate to last a lifetime, so why not take advantage of tech tools that are meant to make your life a whole lot easier and more efficient?

Tips for Bitcoin Trading

So you have some Bitcoin now, piling up in your account and you’re wondering, “What now?” There are several options on how to use your well earned goods. Most use their bitcoin to purchase things they want, which to be honest, is the easiest way to funnel their currency. But in the end, you are left with less than you had before. Maybe a smarter option is to take your pile of Bitcoin and start some trading! In a matter of days or weeks you could turn that pile into a mountain. More is better, right?

One of the best things about trading in Bitcoin, is that it is available to trade 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Unlike most exchanges that are only open during common working hours for most countries, you can do your trading practically whenever you like. How convenient is that? Starting with some excellent bitcoin trading tips is a great way of moving forward into your trading.

Bitcoin trading is actually pretty straightforward once you get the hang of it. Being the premier cryptocurrency, it is pretty straightforward to buy and sell them as and when you want to. However, Bitcoin has a history of volatility which has brought in a lot of traders and media interest into the ecosystem. For many cryptocurrency traders, however, volatility is the norm–as such, a number of them have developed strategies to treat periods of volatility and uncertainty as an opportunity.

Since you are looking into trade, remember that in addition to the Bitcoin, there are several other cryptocurrencies also reaching a high level market share that bear some investigation.  But keep in mind that cryptocurrencies have experienced sudden dives before and like other investmentments could happen once again. Moving forward, you should investigate other discussions on how to manage your currencies and how that could adjust the prices. The forward ramifications of Bitcoin are up in the air but cryptocurrency is not going anywhere anytime soon!

Restoration of Bitcoin Investment.

Ask yourself a question. Are you investing in the right properties for your or your families future? We all want to choose the right investments for a positive gain. We all want more money for one reason or another, to pay for a boat, a new home, or your children’s college fund. So why not choose a Bitcoin investment? It’s the currency of the future that can explode into a financial gain of vast quantities!

This Bitcoin Revival website can walk you through all of the painless steps required to get yourself setup as a Bitcoin earner. By opening a free account through registration, you get a free session with a successful Bitcoin Revival coach and learn to trade with Bitcoin signals defined by their expert traders.

Even if you don’t have any trading experience, this will absolutely work for you. You don’t need any trading experience to make money from Bitcoin’s revival. Simply follow their Bitcoin trading signals to increase your account value. Novice or experts alike will find great value in this system. When you feel that you need it, you can withdraw your profits to your bank account at any time.

You don’t have to be technical by any means. The only requirement is that you have basic computer skills, such as knowing how to get to a website, click a button and fill out a form. Using this system is as easy as sending an email. And you can trade from almost any of your personal electronics. You can access this system on any device, including your computer, tablet or smartphone.

It really is free! Yes, there is no cost to you if you fill out the form on their webpage to lock in your free account now. You will be required to make a small deposit of just $250 in order to start trading Bitcoin online. It is very easy to get started. Simply fill out the form on their page and a coach will get in touch with you shortly to help you execute your first trade within 10 minutes or less.

It’s is simple as that. Jump on over to that website and you will be well on your way to Bitcoin trading!

When Should You Rent a Dumpster?

Dumpsters are quite often seen as the “standard choice” for large-scale waste disposal, but that’s actually not usually the case. They’re mostly used by businesses, and very few individual people ever end up renting them, despite how useful they can be. But when should you rent a dumpster, and what makes them better than your normal waste containers and bins?

If You’re Moving House

One of the most useful times to have a dumpster around is if you’re moving house. Let’s be honest – if you’ve lived in your current house for a decent length of time, there’s probably a lot of trash in there that you really don’t need: anything from cardboard boxes and old packaging to old toys and clothes that haven’t been thought about in years. It’s fine to keep things that have a practical or sentimental value, but moving house is the perfect time to purge all of your unwanted possessions. With a dumpster, this becomes much easier.

Think about a standard cardboard box or bin – they’re usually big enough to hold a decent amount of items, but you’ll need quite a few of them, you can’t leave them out in the rain for very long, and they can break quite easily when they’re pushed beyond their limits. A heavy-duty dumpster is the exact opposite, keeping everything inside it, holding far more than most other waste storage or disposal containers and giving you a single place to dump everything you don’t need.

As an added bonus, most dumpster rental services actually include the disposal of whatever’s inside if you ask for it. This means that you can fill up the dumpster with old garbage, move your new possessions to your new home and have the trash emptied for you, meaning that you don’t need to try and handle both things at once.

When You Need Storage

Dumpsters are obviously meant to be used as waste management tools, but they’re actually quite useful as temporary storage, too. If they have a lid, then they’re pretty good at keeping out rain and bad weather, and they’re so heavy that they can’t be easily stolen. Lock it tight with a chain and padlock, and you’ve got a place to store old furniture or possessions if you’re busy renovating a room, adjusting your home or trying to sort through everything you own.

Obviously, you’ll want to make it clear to the rental company that it’s being used for storage (you wouldn’t want your things thrown away, after all), but it’s still not a bad idea. It’s cheaper and more convenient than renting a secure storage locker on the other side of your town or city, and it’s a good way to keep your possessions nearby even if they’re not in your home.

When You’re Moving To A New State

You might think that this falls under the “moving house” entry, but it’s actually quite different between states. Some states and areas will have specific rules on how dumpsters can be used, as well as varying prices or taxes you’ll need to pay. For example, your local rental company might have a different setup to New Castle County Dumpster Rental, and so forth.

As mentioned before, renting a dumpster in your home state can be a good way to get rid of trash from your own possessions, but renting one in your new state can actually be useful too if the house is furnished. It’s always possible that you won’t like a lot of the furnishings, or you’ll be bringing your own from your previous home. It’s also possible that you’ll find a lot of things you can throw away in your first few days at your new home, too.

Having a dumpster at your new home makes it far easier to get rid of duplicate appliances or other items that aren’t needed, and it also gives you a bit of insight into how services like this are priced differently. Even if you never need to rent a dumpster again, you might still have to rent something else in the future, and understanding the state’s rules on renting taxes or regulations can make it much easier to do everything in the correct, legal way.

Digital Marketing for your business

Why is digital marketing needed for my business? A very common question asked by thousands of business owners every day. Well, a very simple logic lies behind; what’s visible, sells! To be in search results and browsers of your audience, you need to show your business, and for this, digital marketing plays a crucial role.

So why invest in digital marketing? To achieve your specific business goals, you need to reach more customers and convince them to make a purchase. To do this, you need to use proven digital marketing resources and technologies. You have to plan the best digital marketing strategies that can help you achieve your goals. So are you interested in knowing why you need to create a digital marketing strategy for your business? Here’re the reasons.

Are you interested to know about several SEO Tools for your business? You can check out our SEO Tools Guide and grow your online business.

Why Your Business Need Digital Marketing Strategy?

Trust us, your business is a flop if you don’t have an effective digital marketing strategy.

You’ve no clue!

We have seen a lot of businesses which are not sure about their goals, and don’t know exactly what they want to achieve. Without a digital marketing strategy, the online world is not going to help you to win customers.

Don’t know your exact market:

A lot of businesses still just focus on starting a business without figuring out the exact market and targeted audience. Don’t play the blind game; this will not benefit you in a long way. Just create an effective strategy first before planning anything.

Competitors will win the game:

If you don’t invest enough in digital marketing resources, and just using the ad-hoc approach with clearly defining strategies, then your competitors will ruin your business and will get the lead.

How to Improve Your Career and Plan for Its Longevity

A career in fashion, the music industry, health, or fitness won’t always benefit from as much longevity as you would probably like. For instance, while it’s possible to run exercise classes for seniors as a 55-year-old fitness instructor, it’s not an easy job to track down or secure. Similarly, many music careers fail to succeed massively and end up being ones that while ticking along nicely, don’t necessarily flourish.

When thinking about improving your career and creating a more stable income to live off, we have some tips on how to do that.

Become Better at Reading New Trends
Learn to look for and spot new trends by finding people who can surf the wave of interest. It can be very lucrative to get in early when a new trend appears. That could be something that’s selling in the retail environment or in terms of services to offer an employer.

For example, with the aging boomer population, there’s a higher demand for nursing staff. Indeed, people qualified in providing valuable services to the elderly are likely to keep busy. Seeing a demographic shift like this can help spur some unusual business ideas to help seniors move around better or get some shopping done without their needing to leave the house.

Look at What Side Hustles Are Available
When working in a particular field, you have the chance to see what’s popular and find gaps in the market. Just like how a sound engineer might find that certain types of radio jingles are easy to produce and sell well, everyone should be looking for their next opportunity – or three.

The concept of the side hustle is not new. Often, they require knowledge that you already have which you then need to expand upon or turn into a service. Most side hustles are created in the evenings or weekends when off work. They take a few hours to a few months to create something marketable. The trick is to see a gap in the market, or a true need that’s not being filled well (or at all) right now. Avoid wasting time on developing a product or service that no one wants.

Get Some Business Education
To do better in business from a side hustle to a full-time endeavor, it’s necessary to operate it like a business. Understanding how to come up with smart business ideas, to plan each business stage properly, and know how to access funding are all things that you learn from taking an MBA course.

Taking this type of course doesn’t interfere with your current career because online MBA courses are studied 100 percent over the internet. This way, you can be at work on a break, at the music studio or at home with the ability to log in to learn more about the topics being covered that semester. The flexibility makes it possible for anyone with an interest in business development to expand their horizons.

Reading trends, moving with the times, and coming up with effective side hustles helps avoid ending up unable to earn a decent living. Studying business goes a step beyond to multiply what your knowledge and execution can produce for you.

7 Ways Technology Can Help Your Small Business

In today’s digital world, there’s no question about the fact that technology and the internet
have changed the game. Owning and managing a small business often means you’re a
multitasker who takes on pretty much every aspect of the business, or you rely heavily on a
few trusted employees. You don’t have the budget (or need) to invest in a huge
technological infrastructure, but that doesn’t mean you can’t access some great tools to
make running your business easier and more profitable. Of course, there is a point when a
business can rely on technology too much, but for the most part, technology has provided
solutions for every type and size of business which could keep you ahead of the competition.
It’s not a question of whether you should be embracing the technological revolution, but
rather which elements will be of most benefit to your business. Here are 7 ways that
technology can help you to take your small business to the next level through better
organization, efficiency, and productivity.

1. Increase Your Visibility with a Great Website
One of the best things you can do for your business today is to get a high-quality website up
and running. Your prospective customers or clients expect a professional organization to
have a website. In addition, having a presence on the internet means you may be found by
people using search engines to find products or services like yours. To increase the
likelihood that your website will be found by search engines like Google or Bing you should
learn some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. You can use online website
builders for DIY website design, but for a professional and branded finish, you should
consider hiring a website designer.

2. Build Brand Awareness with Social Media
Social media is a great way to build relationships with existing customers and to increase
your brand’s following with potential prospects. The main platforms to consider are
Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, but you don’t need to open an account on all of them as
some will be more suited to your industry than others.
Social media is a busy place, but with relevant, engaging and unique content you can really
make an impact. It can give your company a more human face while establishing you as an
authority in your niche. Keep an ear to the ground for topics and news which is trending and
connect it with your brand for maximum effect.

3. Boost Your Business Skills Through Online Learning
The internet is an endless resource for knowledge, and this is a fantastic opportunity to
advance your own business skills. You could study customer service, and marketing courses
or even more advanced qualifications such as a degree or masters in a specific element of
business management. For example, you can study for a masters degree in online supply
chain management masters from Kettering University Online
on a flexible basis so you can
continue running your business.

4. Save Time and Hassle with Online Finances
For many business owners, accounting and finances are a necessary chore which can be
time-consuming and complex. Luckily, there are now several online accounting programs
such as FreshBooks which is affordable and easy to use with a smart device or computer.

You can also track your business expenses and pay your staff through programs like
QuickBooks, and your business bank account is almost certainly accessible online. Putting
all your finances online can save you a lot of stress and free up time to work on other areas
of the business.

5. Get Organized with Online Planning Tools
If organization and planning are sticking points for you and a lot of your business is centered
on managing appointments or even filing documents for customers, you should consider
simplifying things with some online planning tools and apps. For example, both Microsoft
Outlook and Google Apps for Business include a calendar system. You can also download
systems like BaseCamp which enable you and your staff to access, share and edit
documents in one place.

6. Smarter Communication with Staff and Customers
In any business, streamlined and efficient communication is key to success, whether
between you and your staff or with your customers. You should keep a dedicated business
smartphone so people can get in touch with you wherever you are. You can reduce
teleconferencing costs with services like Skype which connect you to others via a live video
stream on either a computer or mobile device. Many companies now have a Bring Your Own
Device (BYOD) Policy which is another way to cut costs in communications. Staff can bring
devices of their choice from home to use at work and avoid having to buy equipment for
In terms of customer communication, social media is one of the quickest and most
accessible ways for your customers to reach you with queries. They can send instant
messages which you can either respond to on a case by case basis, or you can set up
automated replies for frequently asked questions. It’s a very good idea to consider some
email marketing software as well so you can connect with and increase your audience via
regular updates and newsletters. Programs like MailChimp offer easy to use email templates
and can automate email campaigns to be sent at optimum times of day for maximum
conversion potential.

7. Secure Your Business
All your devices should be protected by security software and anti-virus and malware
protection systems like MacAfee to reduce your exposure to cybercriminal attacks.
Employees should be changing passwords regularly and have extra security measures, such
as fingerprint recognition, in place.
A popular and secure way to store company and customer confidential information is a
Cloud storage system. Rather than saving information and documents to hardware, you can
store it virtually so it can’t be physically damaged or stolen. It is only accessible by
authorized personnel with the correct security information. Cloud systems also mean that
multiple people can share and edit the same document without sending it back and forth or
working with multiple versions which can have a positive impact on productivity and

How To Include Technical Skills On Your Resume


Finding the right job is essential for happiness and for good mental health. It can be so frustrating to be turned down time and again for jobs that you know you would be great at. In many cases, this could be down to your resume and the fact that, although you know you have the skills and the talent, what you know just isn’t represented well enough on the document itself. With so many people applying for relatively few jobs, particularly in the technical sectors, being able to show that you have all the required skills (and then some) is vital. Take a look at our guide to help you work out how to do it.

Don’t Exaggerate

Although it’s essential that you include all of your technical skills in your resume, it’s just as important not to over-embellish them. If you do this by, for example, saying that you have expert knowledge in something when you have only used it once or twice, then there could be problems ahead. If you get to interview and can’t back up your claims with experience and information, your interviewer won’t look kindly on you. If you are honest, then you know that when you are called for an interview, you will be able to answer all the questions.

Include Everything

Writing a resume might be a dull job, but it is also crucial if you want to find a great career and get noticed when it comes to applying for work. Something that is very important is to include everything that you know when it comes to technology, no matter how big or small it might seem. Take your time to think through the courses you have taken and the hobbies that you have because even they might be useful. If you understand how to use CircuitStudio to create PCBs, or you are a big fan of coding, you should mention this; you never know when it might come in useful or who you might impress!

Read The Job Ad

A mistake that many people make when writing their resume for a technical job is to send the same document out to every employer regarding every job advert they see. It’s far better to read the job advert extremely carefully and tailor your resume (and covering letter) to the company and the job itself. It means making sure that all the skills that are mentioned within the job ad are in place on your resume along with a concise explanation about how well you can do the role in question.

Not only will this ensure that your potential employer wants to have you in for an interview, but it also means that if the job isn’t right for you, you will realize before you go too far down the application route. That way, you won’t waste your time or anyone else’s.

Once you have included all the details that are required, you can then add everything else. It may simply be a question of changing the order of the skills listed on your resume, but even a little thing like this can make a big difference.

Three Digital Solutions Your eCommerce Business Needs

No matter the size and scale of your eCommerce trading, new tech tools are no longer solely reserved for big businesses. While it used to be a fact that only the largest businesses were able to afford the technologies that could help improve operations, nowadays, the sheer number of resources available means that any business of any size can now take advantage. In the digital era, there is a number of solutions available that your eCommerce business can make use of, and failing to do so could leave your company standing in the dust of your competition. If you want to stay ahead and ensure the best customer experience, then here are the most useful digital solutions that your eCommerce business needs.

Understanding your customers

If you don’t know anything about your customers, then your business is never going to be able to provide what they need. Understanding who your customers are and what they want from you is the only way to ensure that you are providing the best in customer service and building the necessary level of brand loyalty. Using analytics options is the best way to build a better idea of your customers, and there are a number of digital solutions for gaining these insights. The most popular and common one to use is the standard Google Analytics, which is understandable due to the vast amount of information that it provides. However, the social media platforms that you use also have their own analytics insights, and they can all be utilized together to gain a more rounded idea of your customer profiles.

Consumer customization

The companies that succeed are the ones that provide the best in customer service. In a highly competitive business climate, the consumer has complete power, and your business needs to ensure that customer service is a priority at all times. There are many digital solutions to improve levels of customer satisfaction, and customization is just one of the ways to build stronger brand loyalty. The most effective digital solution that provide opportunities to achieve this goal depend on the size of your organization. For example, larger businesses who adopt SAP ERP are able to offer up real time data from a single source. Product suites running on SAP ERP such as those offered by SAP Supplier Omnia eCommerce leverage this functionality and capability to deliver optimum experiences to the customer, whatever the channel.

Social Media management

There’s no disputing the key role that social media plays in the running of an eCommerce business. From improving your SEO rankings to establishing a loyal customer base and expanding your audience reach, social media platforms are unparalleled. However, there are ways to make sure that you are getting the most from whichever social media platforms you use, and learning how to use them is not the challenge that you might expect. Platforms like Hootsuite and Zoho Social allow you to take much greater control of your social media management and will work across platforms so that you do not miss a single comment or mention.

We are in a digital age, and eCommerce is reliant on digital technology. Failing to make use of digital solutions is a mistake that may cause you to fall behind your competitors and lose valuable customers. Ensure that you stay one step ahead of customer expectation by making use of the wide variety of solutions available, and you may be surprised by the benefits that they can provide.

Embracing The Cloud Access Security Broker

The cloud has given all of us the ability to do business wherever there’s an Internet connection. Far gone are the days where business owners were concerned about having a computer fast enough to run all of the programs that they need. No more worrying about whether a computer has enough storage space or processing power. There are fewer worries about how a business can continue if a hard drive crashes. The cloud has given all of us the ability to move almost every aspect of business off of on-site computers.

As such, a startling number of businesses are searching for additional options for the security of their data, employees and clients.  Alongside physical and on-location software options, cloud based security is becoming increasingly popular due to it’s multitude of security layers it can provide on a constant or as-needed basis. Securing business cloud environments and enforcing the same policies, compliances, and user access can be an extremely difficult challenge for organizations.  Cloud Access Security Brokers solve many of the difficult cyber security challenges faced by hybrid infrastructure utilized by today’s businesses.  Most have a presence in public cloud with business critical data or services.

There are many reasons in deploying CASB implementations.

Data Security – the management and encryption of data providing layers of security protection.

Threat Protection – to identify and stop threats through CASB virus and malware protection.

Visibility – providing current visibility of the business cloud usage and risk assessment.

Compliance – enables a business with a broad range privacy and support to cloud based applications under a variety of access types.

CASB solutions typically deploy in minutes and require no access to logs, no changes to network configuration, no browser agent installation and no service disruption. And SaaS infrastructures are strengthened through the consolidation of multiple types of security policy enforcement.

As more companies jump on the cloud bandwagon and migrate core services to cloud apps, native app security has proved lacking.  CASBs increase corporate visibility and access controls to Cloud services, enabling a better identity, more direct data security, threat protection and compliance.

3 Popular Types of Videos That Businesses Should Use in Content Marketing

Unlike other types of marketing videos, the videos that you use in content marketing shouldn’t be designed to promote your business or its wares. Instead, it should provide content that is useful to viewers while interesting them in the products indirectly.

Because the focus of content marketing is on creating videos that viewers find useful, a good place to start is to identify some of the more popular types of videos and use them as part of your content marketing strategy:

  • How-to guides

Guides or tutorials that show viewers how to perform a task or action are inherently useful. The popularity of this type of content has not diminished over the years, and it is the perfect type of video for content marketing.

To interest viewers in your products using how-to guides, you should incorporate them in the video and show them being used. In most cases there is no need to do more than that, and you should avoid promoting the product too directly and ensure the guide itself is clear and concise instead.

  • Expert interviews

Interviewing experts can make for some interesting and compelling content that will carry a lot of weight with viewers. The focus of this type of video should be on providing viewers with unique insights from an expert who is well-known. The more well-known the expert, the more valuable this type of video will be.

Needless to say it isn’t a good idea to promote a product directly or indirectly in this type of video. Instead, it should be used in content marketing to establish a reputation with viewers and provide them with content that they value highly.

  • Explainer videos

While explainer videos are frequently used nowadays to directly explain a business or its products – at its core these videos can be used to explain any topic whatsoever. For content marketing you may want to use them in a less promotional fashion, and opt to explain topics that are related to your business and the niche that it is in.

The best explainer videos are the ones that are able to deliver information creatively using visuals. Animated explainer videos are extremely popular nowadays, but you could look into other options such as whiteboard videos or even video slideshows such as the ones you can create with Movavi Slideshow Maker (

Each one of the types of videos listed above tend to be popular with viewers which makes them perfect to act as a foundation for your content marketing. It would be a good idea to explore other types of videos as well, and mix things up a little to see what your viewers respond to.

How Technology Has Made Investing Easier

Investing was once a foreign concept to many and something perceived to be for a certain caliber of people. However, as the years have progressed and technology has evolved, it has become a lot more mainstream. As people are becoming more financially literate, they’re realizing the importance of investing for the future as well as creating a sustainable form of income outside of their average nine to five. Thanks to technology, investing has now become a concept that’ll many people can grasp. On that note, this article is going to look at three ways that technology has made investing easier.

Greater Access

In former days, before you could invest, you had to go to a physical location where they sold and bought stocks. However, now you’re able to invest online in the comfort of your home or behind the screen of your mobile phone. There are endless digital platforms, websites, as well as apps that you can use to trade in this day and age. Some of the best investments you can make such as peer lending, real estate, and the stock market can even be made online which shows that the lines are becoming blurred in terms of the sort of people that can access investment opportunities. The main requirement seems to now be a working internet connection and some capital to work with.

Easier to Learn

In this day and age where the internet is prevalent, access to information is much easier. This means that by typing a few words into a search engine, anybody can learn about investing. There are a vast number of easy to digest information out there that simplify the process for people who aren’t financial gurus. You can even use investment apps such as Stash or Acorns to monitor your money from your mobile phone thanks to technology. It means that in reality, you don’t need in-depth knowledge as technology has made it possible for apps to do all the hard work of figuring out where you should invest your money. In addition, it also automates the process so that a certain amount is taken out of your account and invested. If you want more control over where you invest your money, that’s possible as well.

Faster Process

As briefly mentioned above, the way that people invest has drastically changed over the years. Now, you can make an investment within a matter of minutes or seconds as long as you have access to a mobile device. It is also possible to make faster returns on your investment by trading cryptocurrencies, commodities, or stock which can all be done quickly on your phone. The reality is that you can now invest on the go which makes it all the more attractive for some.

Technology has made many people’s lives easier over the years and continues to do so. This is especially true when it comes to investing, giving people, worldwide the opportunity to invest without stress. Hopefully, as the years’ progress, technology will continue to change the way people access information and manage their finances for the better.

Factors To Consider Before Starting A Business

Factors To Consider Before Starting A Business  

You may be approaching a stage in your life where your long-held ambition to start a business may possibly become a reality. If you are considering starting a business, there are various factors to consider. Below are various considerations that will need to be made long before you begin.  

Develop a business plan  

business plan is an absolutely essential part of the process in developing a business. This will be integral for any employers, and yourself as the business owner, as having a plan that you can look to and follow will offer a basis on which direction to take the company in. Ensuring all those involved are on the same page and have a fundamental understanding of what you aim to achieve in the early days will prevent miscommunication and crossed wires in terms of the organizational approach. Ensuring every individual is familiar with their role in the business or company is another important factor to decide upon early on, as having too many individuals working on the same elements of the enterprise will only lead to confusion and disorganization later on. In the early days of setting up a business, devising your strategy for the oncoming months may take a long time, but the more developed and thought-through it is, the less hiccups will be encountered later.  

Where will you be based? 

Another consideration to make is whether you are going to be remotely based, or whether you require office space. This, of course, depends on the kind of business you are running. If it is freelance based, there may be no need for an office, and you may be able to do all the work from home. However, if you require constant communication and a base for however many employees are on board, you may need actual premises to get the ball rolling. Looking into this particular decision early on can ensure you find the ideal physical space, which will give your company a fixed address, and therefore a more complete feel, if this is a necessary component.  

Who Is Your Target Market? 

One essential factor to starting a business is working out who your target market is very early on. By understanding what your niche is, and the basis of your audience, you can begin to develop a business strategy that tailors and appeals to your target market in particular. Every business appeals to a certain market or niche, and understanding that you will not suit everybody’s needs is an understanding to grasp very early on. The more defined your target market is, the more potential you have in developing, selling and offering a product that will appeal. One mistake business owners can make is trying to provide too many services to various target markets; for a new business or startup, particularly, this is a risky strategy. Starting slow and building up your client base and target market will naturally come over time, as and when the business grows and develops.  

What is your USP? 

Devising your USP (unique selling proposition) early on is as important as understanding your target market. You should be able to confidently explain your USP in a couple of sentences. This especially applies if you are a new business in a particularly competitive market. You need to ask yourself; what do you offer, that other companies don’t? If you cannot provide an answer to this straight away, you may need to go back to the drawing board and devise a new approach.  

Be Passionate 

Ensuring you are passionate may seem a cliché observation, however starting a business will involve many frustrations, and potentially many failures. Being committed and passionate and believing in the product or company is an absolute essential in terms of developing your business. After all, who will believe in your business if you don’t? Showing you are a reliable and trustworthy company, who is confident in their ability to deliver is an essential part of being a business owner and starting up a business from scratch. Your passion for the company shine through in situations such as networking events, for example. However, a lack of passion will be even more noticeable, and you will lose interest in your business quickly if this is the case. A strong amount of patience and belief in the business will also get you through the more difficult days.  

Financial considerations to make  

Before you set up your own business, there are various financial considerations to make. These include whether you are in a suitable financial position to set up a business in the first place. You may be in need of a business loan, which in turn will involve a credit check. Therefore, assessing your credit rating may be necessary long before you begin this endeavor. If you are in need of a credit card, but do not have a particularly good credit rating, Bonsai Finance could provide the services you need. Before making any large investments with your money, assessing the feasibility of what you wish to achieve and being realistic should not be overlooked.  

Research your competition  

Researching into your competition is a vital step to take early on in the process. If you think you have an original idea, however too late into the process, discover there are multiple businesses offering the same services, you may find your business fails before you have properly begun. Therefore, spend some time looking into competitors, what they offer, and whether there is suitable gap in the market for your company and USP. If there are similar companies, you may want to look into how they market themselves, and whether there are any gaps in their strategy that you can capitalize on. Researching the competition can also help you get an understanding of any previous mistakes made along the way, and how you can best avoid these with your own business.  

In terms of starting your own business, there are various considerations to make. Ensuring you are financially viable, passionate and organized is fundamental, as is having a strong understanding of your USP and target market. Once you have analyzed these considerations, you can be well on your way to starting your own business in the best possible position for success.  



How to Explain WAF in Simple Terms to Your Clients and Employees

Mark Zuckerberg, painted portrait DDC_87” (CC BY 2.0) by Abode of Chaos

In a world where Facebook has fallen from grace and found itself in the middle of a data harvesting scandal, issues of cybersecurity, privacy and transparency have come to the fore once again. With 87+ million users having their data harvested by Cambridge Analytica without explicit consent, business owners, staff and consumers now want to know more about staying safe online. For those that followed Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s Congressional testimony, one of the most interesting discoveries was not the things he did know but what he didn’t. Whether advised to stay quiet by his legal team or not, Zuckerberg faltered on what seemed to be some basic questions regarding data storage, sharing and protection. This, for many, could be the greatest failure of the CEO: to not have a firm grip over his company’s IT system.

Essentially, people are more concerned about data security than ever before, which is why you as a business owner need to know how to keep your employees safe. With modern technology being what it is, there are plenty of ways to protect your company’s data, systems and services. One of the most commonly used products to allow for such protection is a web application firewall (WAF). Designed to monitor inbound traffic to web applications, this firewall prevents attacks which, in turn, can lead to loss of data and data theft. Any business with systems connected to a network should see this type of software as a standard.

Although the Zuckerberg testimony focused on a range of topics, one takeaway can be argued to be how important an understanding of technology is not only for specialists but for its users, too. Time and again, it was pointed out that users were not familiar with the full extent of privacy options on Facebook.

Indeed, in the wake of the Facebook news, the company’s share price dropped by 8%. Although the lack of clear information from the CEO wasn’t fully responsible for the decline, it certainly didn’t help. Essentially, what this demonstrates is that it’s crucial to communicate how and why your service is safe, both to clients/customers and to your staff. By doing so, you not only empower your staff in the fight against data theft but prove to your customers that your business is safe.

Explaining What WAFs Are

Iptables Firewall Rules” (CC BY 2.0) by xmodulo

As a boss, the best way to explain the mechanics of a web application firewall (WAF) to your employees is to describe it as a filtration system. In other words, WAFs sit between a company’s IT system and the internet at large and analyze the traffic coming in. As a standard, a WAF from a recognized brand will automatically stop the top ten cyberthreats as listed by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). Additionally, the latest software should also protect against the Automated Top 20 threats. From SQL injections to illegal resource access, a fully deployed WAF will prevent against the attacks most commonly experienced by small to medium businesses.

Beyond the basic mechanics of what a WAF can do, it’s also important to understand its benefits. Being a web-based application means it’s flexible. Users can either deploy the software onsite or remotely via cloud servers. The benefit of this is that it cuts down on costs by removing the need for specific hardware. What’s more, like all cloud applications, there’s a large degree of flexibility within the system. In other words, a company can customize the protocols to filter specific types of traffic and, more importantly, to create individual reports. In fact, this is the other important benefit of using a WAF. Protecting applications against the biggest online security threats is only useful if you’re able to track and understand the traffic that’s coming through the system.

Protecting Your Company from Real Threats

Data Security” (CC BY 2.0) by Visual Content

Having the ability to explain how WAFs work isn’t just a PR exercise. Although it’s important to communicate how your security provisions work, you can’t ignore the fact that cyberthreats are a reality. In 2017, cyberattacks surged, with the Online Trust Alliance reporting 159,700 major global incidents. Between the likes of WannaCry, Shadow Brokers and Goldeneye (which evolved from Petya), online businesses were under threat more than ever last year.

For those that fail to fully understand and utilize WAFs, the cost of a data breach can quickly mount up. According to the Ponemon Institute’s 2017 report, the average cost of a data breach at a major company is $3.6 million. In specific terms, the cost of a single stolen record is $141. For a small or medium sized business, that can be a lot of money. For this reason, more than anything else, WAFs are essential. In fact, by communicating the dangers of an attack and how your business is protected, you should be able to satisfy your customers that their data isn’t in danger. This, in turn, should help you avoid the hole Mr. Zuckerberg found himself in during the first quarter of 2018.