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Familiarize Your Persona with NEWOLDSTAMP’s Email Signatures


Communication is one of the basic constituents of our life. Therefore, we should pay a special attention to how we interact with others, especially if you are an entrepreneur or a businessperson. Aside from your language, special non-verbal cues, and overall representation, we also recommend considering your online communication. For sure, you are polite and know everything about proper writing. However, most people miss out such an important element as an email signature.

How do you sign your email? Best regards? Look forward? Your name and job title? All of those sound extremely archaic. The new era of online communication has adapted the concept of a template online email signature to improve your commercial image. Basically, it is your online autograph, something unique and special that allures everyone’s attention.

Newoldstamp, of course, is not the only company providing template email signatures. Nevertheless, we have several reasons to recommend this team:

  1. Newoldstamp is an experienced company; the guys have been providing customers with their services since 2014. Newoldstamp says that the development should never be stopped – every day is a new chance to implement fresh improvements.
  2. Newoldstamp provides its customers with an opportunity to create a free trial signature that will be available for 3 days. After the trial period, you will be offered to choose an appropriate plan for you or/and your company.
  3. Newoldstamp’s signature creating tool is simple and user-friendly. It includes all useful information, addible social networks’ links, illustrations, images, logos, and much more.
  4. Newoldstamp works with popular web-based email clients (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL etc.) and is adapted to various desktop email clients, including Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Airmail etc.
  5. Newoldstamp offers convenient terms of cooperation for big companies. Unlimited signature installations, social media icons package, image hosting – and it is only a small part of advantages!
  6. Newoldstamp created several template email signatures – minimalistic, up-to-date, and just beautiful. The team also offers to customize an email signature to fit your tastes and requirements.

All of these benefits are accomplished by 24/7 support and rational pricing. Try it out right now!

Why Buy Online And Not From Retail Malls


Why Buy Online And Not From Retail Malls

One day the online shopping malls may replace the massive buildings catering retail outlets due to no expense in hiring premises. However, this is just one reason. There are more benefits in online business and few are mentioned as below:

Cheaper Goods Better Bargains

One of the best advantages of online shopping is that goods are sold and bought at cheaper prices. The goods are put on shelves at the best bargain prices. Those are at one of the best deal. The bottom line is shoppers save some money shopping online compared to shopping at retail malls.

USP’s Of Online Shopping

There are no parking worries for your cars or bikes. You don’t need to drive to reach the outlets and buy products. There are no risk of fines too if you are not driving. You don’t face any crowd while shopping. You don’t need to walk miles too around huge retail centers. The goods sold online are brand new and are directly sourced from manufacturers. The goods are also never handled here by myriads of previous shoppers. Not even the clothes are tried on by others. Here the suppliers guarantee quality as well as the standards of the products which are in fact met. More to all these, shoppers easily get online designer products.

On the Internet you can simply buy anything including your prescription glasses too. As competition is fierce, so bargains are always on offer. Merchants always look for returning customers and hence they tend to offer the best deal prices.

However, it is important to check the background of the businesses before buying online. Try to always buy from reputed online seller or one which has years of experience in selling the products. Also, read carefully their cancellation and return policies in case you need it after placing the order or receiving the products.


TonyBet to Offer Live eSports Betting as the Market Is Rapidly Expanding 


eSports is currently one of the fastest growing markets in the world – according to SuperData brief released in May 2015, it already reaches more than 134 million viewers who tune in to the most popular gaming tournaments, with an abundance of people attending them live.

As the interest in eSports is rapidly growing, especially in North America and Europe, the UK-licensed bookie TonyBet already offers a selection of eSports betting on the biggest tournaments including Counter-Strike, League of Legends, StarCraft II, Dota 2, and others with live betting selection offered from October 30th.

“We believe that this market has a lot of potential,” a TonyBet spokesperson said in an interview. “It’s clear that the gaming culture is gaining popularity, becoming more mainstream and people are willing and interested to participate in or watch the tournaments, so naturally we want our customers to be able to actively take part and support their favourites.”

TonyBet kicked off the live eSports betting with the LOL World Championship grand finals when the users could place real-time bets on the participating teams and is currently offering to bet on the ongoing Game Show Dota League and SLTV StarSeries.

In the future, TonyBet is going to offer a selection of bets for the upcoming CEVO/MLG Pro League LAN Finals, as well as the Smite NA Pro League Finals, Smite World Championship, 2015 WCS Global Finals, DreamHack Winter 2015, SHOUTcraft Invitational II, The Summit 4, and Game Show Global eSports Cup to name a few.

“In a market that’s so heavily saturated we aim to provide our users with an exceptional experience,” a TonyBet spokesperson said. “TonyBet was always about being innovative and progressive, and in the rise of eSports, we aspire to respond immediately to the demand that it creates.”

It is estimated by SuperData that the eSports market in US alone is worth around $143 million while Europe is catching up with a $72 million market that is expected to continue growing. The current $374 million market in Asia is a hint of what could soon be reality in other regions.

Bridging Loans and Mortgages in the UK


This is an informational article to answer the question: What is a bridging loan?

A bridging loan is a type of short-term credit, normally given for a period of a few weeks to several years pending the arrangement of larger or longer-term financing.  It is a quick financial security against land or property, sought after for a variety of reasons; emergency cash flow, purchasing at auction, debt repayment, etc.  In the UK, bridging loans are a popular way of acquiring and securing property.  Bridging is becoming ever more competitive in stark contrast to more traditional forms of finance.  Here is a great place to find out more information on a bridging loan in the UK.  Plenty of great information and guides to help make your decisions easier to understand and smooth the process of meeting your financial needs.

Mortgages are mainly used for buying homes and property but are also used to secure businesses and assets too. Their interest rates tend to be lower than bridging loans but can still work out just as pricey because of how long the loan lasts. You’re also able to decide which type of mortgage that you want, which is something that you’re unable to do with a bridging loan.  A mortgage is designed to be a long term repayment plan, which can last for several years. While it is also somewhat based on your affordability, you have more liberty due to the length of the payment schedule. They’re also non-secured, meaning that you can get needed support if you’re suddenly unable to make back the full payments. This gives you another secure net against the unknown, and ensures that you’re able to deal with your finances in a way that ensures you’re still able to survive and don’t have to worry so much about it affecting your future credit.

Photo credit: Got Credit

Help Scientists Identify Orcas


Fellow citizen scientists, the call is out asking for your assistance at

Did you know that Killer Whales (Orcas, which are actually the largest dolphin species) can talk to each other in quite sophisticated ways? Each family of Killer Whales has its own dialect and closely-related families share calls. We know this because biologists have begun to categorize the complex calls of Killer Whales and to try and understand what they mean.

Pilot Whales (again, actually a dolphin species) have dialects and calls similar to those of Killer Whales, but biologists have not categorized them. Scientists have assembled recordings of both species, and they’re asking us to help them put their sounds into categories. They want us to help them understand what Whales are saying.

After a little online training in their tutorial, you listen to the their recording of an Orca and find a similar one that matches it best. This helps categorize it as the same whale, or from the same family or region.

Check it out at

DARPA seeks ideas for verifying software


Being a software tester myself I found this request for proposal interesting. DARPA is seeking ways of testing complex software systems by employing non-specialists through crowd sourcing. I have to admit, this is a bold, bold idea when you read their vision in how to employ this. Note, crowd sourcing to test your app is not new. Google has been doing that for years, but this is about something much more complex than a web app.

Here’s the press release.

Here’s the details on the proposal.

Unreliable software places huge costs both on the military and the civilian economy.  The current state of practice contains about one to five bugs per thousand lines of code.  Formal program verification is the only way to be certain that a given piece of software is free of errors that could disrupt military operations in the field. Formal verification is currently done manually by specially-trained engineers.  Consequently, formal verification has been too costly to apply beyond small, critical software components.

The Crowd Sourced Formal Verification (CSFV) program seeks to make formal program verification more cost-effective by reducing the skill set required for verification.  The approach is to transform verification into a more accessible task by creating a game that reflects the code model, is intuitively understandable, and is fun to play.  Completion of the game effectively helps the program verification tool complete the corresponding formal program verification proof.

R.I.P Steve Jobs


In honor of Steve Jobs passing away today, here’s a couple of his quotes that resonate with me.

“You’ve gotta find what you love”

“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.”

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

Majel Barrett-Roddenberry "First Lady of Star Trek" – RIP

Majel Barret-Roddenberry

Majel Barrett-Roddenberry (23 Feb 1932 – 18 Dec 2008; age 76), the widow of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry who nurtured the legacy of the seminal science fiction TV series after his death, has died. She was 76 and died of leukemia Thursday morning at her home in Bel-Air.

Majel was a recurring actress in the Star Trek franchise and was the wife of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry from 1969 until his passing in 1991. This association with Roddenberry and his most famous creation has earned Barrett the title "The First Lady of Star Trek."

Though she played many characters in the Star Trek franchise such as the ship’s computer voice on multiple series as well as the mother of Deanna Troi, I was always fond of her role as Nurse Christine Chapel working side by side with ‘Bones’ on the original series.

Patrick and I attended the Star Trek Convention in Vegas a few months ago and she made an appearance on the main stage, I recall telling Pat at that time that she looked very sick, pale and gaunt in the vendor room where she was trying to sign autographs.

Rest in peace Nurse Chapel.

Nurse Chapel

Dreamhost – How Tolerant Should I Be?


12 months ago I moved Geeknews over to Dreamhost services from The reason for the move was Supernova’s flakiness in uptime. The last straw in my patience was when their servers went offline for over a week. Not just Geeknews was affected by the outage but so was my family site that was responsible for hosting the family’s e-mail.

Since the move to Dreamhost though it seems as if I’m plagued with bad luck. Numerous times in the last year their file servers have gone offline for over 12 hours at a time, meaning Geeknews along with hundreds or thousands of other sites hosted on that server, or its disk array, have been inaccessible. It also seems that most Friday’s the site goes offline for an hour, probably for maintenance?

A few weeks ago the outage lasted a couple of days, again this Friday evening we were offline until Sunday morning. Each time we’re offline we either get moved to a new server or the existing server is reconstructed and each time the disks are refreshed with a backup image that is 7 days old meaning i’ve lost all files (mostly images) uploaded in that time and need to go back and clean it up…again. So for the 2nd time in two weeks I’m reconstructing the site.

I can’t imagine if I had customers dependent on my site being available like some of the poor people affected by the outage, thank god I just do Geeknews as a labor of love or else I’d be apoplectic right now instead of just very annoyed.

I have a lot of sympathy for the support folks, it’s not their fault HW goes offline, but it would appear the management needs to invest more in fault tolerance, backups, alternative HW in hot standby to switch us over to with just hours of downtime as opposed to days, so they can work on the failed machine at their leisure.

Moving to a new host provider is such a fraking hassle, though I guess I should at least start looking now and staging the content to flip the switch the next time DH is offline.

So where do I go? While lamenting the latest DH outage with other folks suffering, I hear that Bluehost and Media Temple are good options. Do you have recommendations?

The Unicorn Man – A Collection of Verses, Short Stories, Images

The Unicorn man

Vox Anon contacted me the other day promoting his new book The Unicorn Man. From the description it sounds dark and interesting. The kind of work that causes me to reflect on my own life and future and makes me wonder if I should be scared.

Vox Anon promised to send a copy for review, I can hardly wait! If you can’t wait, good news for you because it’s available on Lulu.


An epic poem, an ecstatic prayer, & a beatific psalm authored by an anonymous master. The Unicorn Man is not for children, the faint of heart, &/or faithless. It is a grotesque self portrait of physical love & spiritual longing unraveled in an apocalyptic vision. These are verses of eternal hope written by a man with an acute suicidal condition. A man with an undiagnosable tumor growing in the shape of a horn from the center of his forehead. He hides from the world. This symbolic disfigurement transforms him from human into a fantastical beast. Until the love of a girl changes him back. The Unicorn Man is a highly personal collection of hidden text. Intimacy on a universal scale. A few poems about Love, G-d, & Death. Enjoy!

Here’s the full Press Release:

The Unicorn Man is: selected unpublished verse from earlier poetic works “The Voluptua” & “The Epitome” collections (1999 – 2007) inspired by artwork from “Anatomia Ecclesia: The Anatomical Brides” . “My life’s work adds up to this: Beauty, Love & G-d & Death.” Vox Anon WWW.THEUNICORNMAN.COM

The Unicorn Man 08/08/08 version contains: 3 short stories, 216 verse poems & +55 unique images that were too unfinished, too profound &/or too sacred to be disclosed to anyone other than the initiated. The 3 short stories “I Awoke”, “Once Upon A Time”, and “Non Plus Ultra” have been added to help introduce and contextualize the 7 chapters of poetic verses that follow.

The White, Black, Red, Pale, Gold, Lost, and Last Verses are meant to pique, Not satisfy the curiosity as to the truth and wonder of The Unicorn Man’s existence. Images/text on the origin of beauty and the price one pays for dying for it/killing for it will be revealed.

Although his disease remains undiagnosable, it is not unlike Cutaneous horn (cornu cutaneum), a rare projectile, conical, dense, hyperkeratotic disease that resembles the horn of an animal. State of the art technologies along with X-rays, fMRI, and CT scan imagings show that the base of this horn is rooted at the very seat of his soul; the pineal gland. Surgical removal of this tumor from his forehead may prove fatal.

These verses are collected from diaries and journals he has kept over many lifetimes. The text starts out in the tradition of an epic poem then translates into experimental stream of consciousness. Methinks Cain killed Abel because he wanted to marry his Twin sister, & in a jealous rage murdered him. Now he walks the earth until the end of time as a punishment for the 1st murder. For Love. For Beauty. For Self.

The Unicorn Man is a collection of love notes and self-portraits in verse that is at times fantastic, horrific, and sublime. Names, places, and events in the texts date back 10,000 years and predict the end of the times on December 21, 2012.

A search for truth, beauty, and identity is recorded in these pages. These verses inquire: Who is the most beautiful creature on earth? Is the anatomy of man G-d’s greatest creation? How will the End of Times end? Who is the Wormwood Star? Is this a tumor growing down my face? or Am I Qayin? The Unicorn Man? A few poems about Beauty, Love, G-d, & Death. Enjoy!

Hopefully, The Unicorn Man will find a home in your imagination with the likes of Dostoevsky’s “Notes from the Underground”, Darren Aronofsky’s “The Fountain” and Guillermo Del Toro’s “Pan’s Labyrinth”. If you love the book of Psalms or works of fiction like The Crow or The Sandman, then you will love The Unicorn Man!

Open Source Singapore Pac-Asia Conference & Expo

I received the following press release a couple of hours ago:



OSSPAC now accepting speaker proposals

Presentations aim at highlighting the benefits and opportunities associated with Open Source technology.  

August 12, 2008 – The Open Source Singapore-Pacific-Asia Conference & Expo (OSSPAC) is now fielding proposals from speakers to present at what is expected to be the largest Open Source gathering in Southeast Asia. Present cutting edge business or technical proposals on the benefits of open source technology. All proposals must be in by September 30, 2008. Speakers will be notified by October 15 if they have been accepted or not.

Specifically, OSSPAC is looking for proposals that demonstrate how the speaker has leveraged Open Source to advance technology beyond the current state of the art; created truly visionary applications to solve today’s challenges; and established new business paradigms to save money, improve efficiency, and increase profits. If the speaker’s experience falls under any or all of these categories, then OSSPAC asks for a presentation for consideration.

“OSSPAC will offer a variety of sessions and tutorials dealing with the latest Open Source technologies and cutting edge solutions,” said Kent Barnard, OSSPAC executive director. “We are looking for visionaries who are technology-focused, and presentations that offer practical and proven solutions. We feel that one of the main objectives of the conference will be to present the ‘blending of visions’ between the Open Source IT community and the Singapore government.”

The inaugural Open Source Singapore-Pacific-Asia Conference & Expo will offer over three dozen hour-long sessions following a day of “hands-on” tutorials. The sessions will cover a wide variety of topics and skill levels, with sessions ranging from novice to intermediate to expert. “By offering three separate tracks, attendees will have a virtual buffet of technical and business options in choosing which sessions to attend,” said Barnard.

OSSPAC coordinators urge developers, CEOs, CIOs, and government officials that have implemented open source technology to submit their talks.

“Even though we won’t be able to accept every submission, we understand the contribution that all the potential speakers can add to the conference,” Barnard said. “And we would like to see everyone who submits a paper attend OSSPAC. It’s amazing how many speaker led ‘birds-of-feather’ sessions pop up at these types of conferences. The networks you build at a conference like this can truly transform your career.”

The Open Source Singapore-Pacific-Asia Conference will take place at the Grand Hyatt Singapore from February 16-18, 2009. For more information, and to submit a call for papers, please visit


For more information contact:

Kent Barnard – Executive Director

KB Conferences LLC                            

(01) 425-397-6683