Industrial Mining, How It Has Been Made Techier Than Ever 

Technology is rapidly helping to evolve the construction sector, and this is also the case when it comes to industrial mining. One of the main reasons for this is that mining sites and companies are wanting to improve their productivity, cost savings and safety advancements, while helping to improve the economy of the mining. Global mining productivity has been declining over the past few years, across the entire industry, and it will be down to digital and technological innovations to help transform key aspects of mining in order to produce a fundamental shift in both safety and value in the mining sector.


Automation in mining is already happening and the likelihood is this is only going to increase in commercial use. This will not only help to improve safety but also help to streamline operations, making a mining operation more productive and cost-efficient. Although some miners may be concerned about their jobs being at risk because of this rise in technology in the field, this automation of machinery will actually help to improve their jobs, as they will end up working in remote operation centres rather than on the field at risk of accident. Man-operated jaw crushers will soon become a thing of the past with new innovations producing more efficient capabilities. Advances in autonomous equipment will help to make the mining process more efficient and affordable, and aspects such as artificial intelligence is helping to increase the intelligence and capabilities of robotic equipment, allowing them to take complete hold of most mining processes.

Analytics & Intelligence

A growth and advancement in analytics will help complex mining tasks to be carried out quickly and easily with statistical algorithms. Complex mining tasks such as geological modelling, on-the-day scheduling and predictive maintenance can be carried out efficiently through advanced analytics and intelligence. This may also help to provide a deeper understanding of the resource base, as statistics can help to make sense of exploration data to help when it comes to optimising drill and blast patterns and creating an executable mine plan. Not only will this help with the job in hand, it will also be cost-efficient and result in higher levels of productivity.

More Advanced Equipment

One of the main reasons how the industrial mining industry is being made techier than ever is through an advancement in the digital innovations of equipment. Drills, bits and crushers are all being made more efficient, cost-effective and easy to use, alongside the automation process of this machinery, this can really help to improve a mining sites’ outcome. With this technology, wastage will be reduced and the equipment will help to provide an even more optimum outcome.


Drones and other forms of technology can help to monitor real-time performance, in order to accurately predict time frames and outcomes. Knowing every piece of equipment at every second, and real-time insights will allow operations to have more advanced performance management. With this, decision making can be improved, and real-time responses can help to improve output, while improving safety and ensuring low operating costs.


A Look At What The CAD Workstation Can Do For Your PC

Many businesses heavily rely on computer workstations in general day to day running, and in many cases would be lost without them. Every year, many businesses spend hundreds of thousands on workstations in order for their staff to fulfil their duties. Bigger franchises may even spend millions if they’re stocking offices all over the country, or on a global scale. Here we take a look at why CAD workstations may be a better investment due to the higher performance they offer.


CAD workstations generally require and consume a lot more energy than a regular computer due to heavier workloads, and as a result they pump out a lot more heat. Therefore, your CAD workstation will require better cooling than an average PC, especially as it may well be running flat out for a number of days, as opposed to an office or home use PC that may hit peaks of sustained usage once every so often. Unless significantly cooled, an excessive heat build up could cause premature component failure or even total data loss or data corruption.

Hard Drive

You will be require a very fast hard drive in order to keep up with a CAD workstation as they are much quicker than standard office machines. CAD files can be composed of hundreds of parts and therefore require a lot more power to open that something like a standard word document. A simple process that could take about 5 seconds on a high powered workstation could take more than 30 seconds on a slower hard drive. This many not seem like much, but all that lost time adds up to around 40 hours of manpower lost every single year.


Hard drive performance should be the primary thing management and IT departments bear in mind when making any purchase decisions for the business. While they will understandably have their budget concerns, but cutting corners can have an effect on the value of the business. While a CAD workstation may be expensive in the short term, they will last far longer than a regular PC which will inevitably need replacing.


Workstations have their own specially designed graphics cards that work in tandem with software drivers t ensure you’re getting the best performance from your CAD software. Attempting to run CAD software on a regular games card could lead to a number of software crashes, errors and data corruptions. Using CAD software in your business, on appropriate software could save tens of thousands in lost productivity and profitability over the course of a few years.

How Major Life Events Have Been Made Easier Through The Use Of Tech

The human race’s efforts have been directed at tone thing, and that is to make life easier. Be it the wheel, the light bulb, the telephone or a host of other advancements that involves technology. The same intent has never changed, to make oneself comfortable and the work load far easier than it was previously. Ironically, we as humans have worked continuously towards technological developments aimed at making a job far easier. Here are just a few ways that technology has made our lives far easier than they previously were.


Gone are the days that we wait for letters to come through our post box as means of communicating. Today, technology has made it possible to send across communique literally at just a push of a button. The most important documents from job contracts to even statements evidence from family law Welwyn Garden City is digitally sent across and is delivered within mere seconds to the designated destination. There is no more waiting around for the postman, and technology is the driving force behind this, now that is making life far easier as well as more productive.

World Affairs

When it comes to global affairs, it is incredibly important to stay connected and to know what is going on. There are a variety of jobs and discussions that you can be involved in which demand a through and updated knowledge of global news. Technological penetration has made this completely achievable, not only is there press, but the TV news, and smart-phones and the internet, you can stay up-to-date even on the go.


At point, traveling was more of a headache then a joy, what with making arrangements. However now with technology, it has been brought down to a level that is easily manageable for anyone. You are also to search the best and cheapest options available, align the schedule within minutes, and get on a rapid mode of transport and your set to travel the globe. There are also many user-friendly apps that will even show you the way to go, no matter where you are.


It is very rare now days that people actually carry cash. Plastic money in the form of ATMs and credit and debit cards give you the ability to have as much cash as you desire anywhere and anytime. You can make any transaction through internet banking and that is all thanks to technology.

How Indie Games Developers Are Changing The Game With Their Funding

For more than thirty years now the games industry has always worked in a certain way, people rented offices and then set up studios to create games, they employed staff to work in-house, and then got those projects funded and distributed by publishers. If you ever wanted to opt out of that setup, you had to work alone or in a small team as an indie developer- you operated in a totally different and separate stratosphere; the system neatly self-segregated. Meanwhile in the background, the business worked to the seven-year cycles dictated by the lifespan of the major consoles. It was a machine of discreet components, however that machine isn’t working as well and there has been the start of something new.

The new beginnings started about ten years ago, due to the dawn of the broadband internet era gradually allowing indie developers to distribute their games digitally rather than as boxed copies this immediately cut out manufacturing and distribution costs out of their budgets. Developers also have the option company voluntary arrangement which enables them to repay any outstanding unsecured debts if they have any, this could help the business in the long term. What also has helped indie developers massively was the arrival of the iPhone which created a stable marketplace for the previously chaotic mobile gaming sector, the release meant that new development applications like Unity, GameMaker and Twine meant that people didn’t need to know how to code to make games, or spend months even years developing their own graphics engines. Big companies began to take notice of this, and the console manufacturers opened online stores and courted indie developer’s to produce weird titles including World of Goo and Braid which both came out in 2008. Then as the ever-popular Stream arrived it blew up the whole PC games market.

The whole result of this evolution means that the industry now works in a radically different way than it previously did a decade ago. Until this new generation began, console makers generally stuck to one architecture for the lifespan of their current machine. The massive changes that have affected the games industry over the last few decades have in fact created equally big problems. The move to a digital marketplace where thousands of developers are able to sell their games in online app stores has now created a huge problem with discover-ability, as not all developers will be able to build an audience when they have access to new titles on various platforms including Stream, the Apple App Store and Android. Due to this wide accessibility of games many believed here may be an indie apocalypse, however indie games have mass communities which are ever growing.

Best Tech & Video game Conventions To Visit In Europe This Year

Technology and video game conventions attract hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world every year. They come to get a sneak peek at the many upcoming releases, as well as Q&A’s and the chance to meet their favorite software developers. If you’re one of the many people travelling to some of the best European technology conventions this year, then remember the renewal of an EHIC so you’ll still be entitled to free or reduced cost healthcare while you are abroad.

Paris Games Week

First established in 2010, Paris Games Week is set for its 6th annual event later this October. Organised by Syndicat des éditeurs de logiciels de loisirs (or SELL for short), this year’s exhibitions is set to welcome the biggest names in video games and technology including Warner Brothers, Nintendo, Playstation, Sega and Xbox. Tickets are on sale now starting at €13 each.

Lucca Comics & Games (Tuscany)

Rinaldo Traini and Romano Calisi held the first Lucca Comics event in 1965 and over the years it has expanded and included video games as part of the convention since 2002. The inclusion of video games attracted 50,000 which have increased to more than 250,000 in recent years. The event is a fantastic opportunity to try out video games, challenge other players and is also popular for cosplaying. This year’s five day event starts on the 28th October with day tickets starting at €18.

DreamHack (Sweden)

The largest digital festival in the world is so big that they need to hold two every year, one in the summer and one in the winter. On the whole, DreamHack is a huge LAN party that attracts over 50,000 visitors every year with 23,435 unique devices. The event is spread out across four halls, named A-D, with Hall D being the biggest and the eSports area. The atmosphere in Hall D can be incredible during the final of that year’s eSports event. The event is four days long and starts November 24th. A ticket just to the event costs SEK6000 (Swedish Kroner) while if you want to take part, table tickets range from SEK989-2020.

Russian Game Developers Conference

Since 2003, this has quickly become Russia’s leading video game trade show where industry professionals come to showcase their latest projects. It also hosts the annual KRI Awards (the only professional game awards in Russia. The conference is part of the overall Russian Gaming Week event every June.

Innovations in active wear

It’s an area of technology that’s often overlooked, but materials science has an amazing role to play in fashion. Working with continually changing fabrics, some fashion designers are very much in the role of engineers, solving day-to-day problems and developing exciting new ideas based on the tech that becomes available to them. The design studio and the lab have grown closer and closer together as modern materials have progressed, and nowhere more so than in the realm of active wear. In this article we look at some of the innovations that are changing the way we think about clothing and sport.

Performance-monitoring clothes

It’s official: smart clothing is getting smarter. What started with wristbands and clunky belts has now expanded into t-shirts, sports bras and even socks that track what you’re doing as you move, assessing things like how fast you’re moving, how fast your heart is beating and how hard your feet are impacting against the ground, to calculate a range of performance stats that you can use to refine what you do. They can even tell you when it’s time to buy a new pair of shoes. You can dress like this at times when you really don’t want the hassle of carrying your phone, and get all the data sent to it to read at your leisure.

Advances in insulation

If you like the kind of sports that take you up mountains or out onto snowy plains, you’re always going to be interested in innovations that can keep you warm. Insulating tech has been undergoing a lot of changes lately, and the latest products are all about control. Subtly inflating clothing can create a warm layer that expands as required – with the air inside providing a barrier to heat loss not unlike the air in double glazing – so that you can snuggle up when you need to but also avoid overheating when you’re climbing up a cliff face or hurtling down a slope, high on adrenaline.

Compression clothing

It’s long been understood that garments that are tight in the right places can help your muscles move more efficiently, but specially designed compression clothing takes this one step further. It can help you to get more out of your workout and can be a big help when you’re recovering from an injury. Copper-infused compression shorts, for instance, provide support and tension where it’s needed, to help with running, cycling and cross-training activities, as well as improving your ability to do squats. Work out in them regularly and you’ll improve what you can do without them, too.

Self-ventilating clothes

Do you love working out but hate getting too hot and sticky when you do it? Constantly adjusting layers can be an annoyance, but MIT has come up with an ingenious solution – clothing that peels back portions of itself to let your skin get more air contact when it needs it. How does it work? That’s the really cool bit. This is clothing that is actually alive, made out of bacterial biofilms. Ancient microbe Bacillus subtilus expands and contracts according to heat and moisture, so when millions of them work together, you have a garment that will always keep you feeling fresh.

Solar powered clothing

Tech-lovers will know that solar powered clothing has been around for a while, but it’s orders of magnitude more efficient than it used to be, and people who know something about fashion are finally developing it! Granted, it’s easier to make today’s gear look sleek and stylish because the latest solar cells are much thinner and more flexible than they used to be – they’re even stretchable and capable of surviving a tumble in your washing machine. You can use your solar clothes to power anything from your smartphone to a GPS locator, and many garments even come with pocket batteries so that when you’re out hiking in the sun all day you can store some power for later.

Innovations like these just keep on coming and they’re also dropping in price, putting gear that used to be used only by top athletes within reach of the average person. There’s now something that can help you pretty much whatever your choice of sport, and a lot of the gear that’s emerging can also be worn day to day in other situations. Because of this, the fashion business is not only benefiting from materials science – it’s driving it. The future is looking increasingly interesting.

The science behind your favorite gemstone’s sparkle 

While there are believed to be some 2,500 minerals out there, only 60 or so have ever made the grade as gemstones, finding their way into the jewelry we wear, the accessories we adorn our lives with, and the collectables that pass from generation to generation. Gemstones are typically beautiful, colorful, and dazzling, and we will often find ourselves drawn to the seemingly infinite authority that they possess. Gemstones have the power to take our breath away, and to transform drab outfits and items in an instant.

More than their physical appearance, though, gemstones are a part of our heritage, so heavily ingrained in myth and folklore across the ages, as well as buried in literature and modern culture. For example, the moonstone, which appeared as the focus of Wilkie Collins’ novel of the same name, has long been believed to bring good luck, fortune, and passion, while the pearl, which has appeared across literature, television, and film, is said to bring luck, wisdom through experience, and protection. Many cultures believe that pearls appeared as tears of the gods, or as a result of an ancient battle being won.

Gems help and guide us, and apparently cure all ailments, but where do they come from? Which gem is your favorite – and why?

This is the science bit

The study of gemstones and precious minerals is called gemology. This branch of science studies their hardness and durability, gravity or density, size and shape, optical and physical properties, color, and weaknesses, as well as the ways in which gems are formed, and processed, in order to create timeless pieces of jewelry, clothing, and collectables. While gemstones are typically identified by their beauty, sparkle, and color, there are so many other things that you could discover about your favorite gems and jewels.


A variety of the mineral corundum, or aluminum oxide, rubies take their name from the word “ruber”, which is Latin for red. That famous red color is actually due to the presence of chromium, a colored element. The ruby is one of the four precious stones and, as such, is highly sought-after. While geologists cannot be sure how rubies are formed, many believe that rubies occur when their base mineral, corundum, is exposed to chromic oxide during a process called isomorphous replacement. Rubies are usually judged on their cut, color, and clarity, as well as the carat weight; rubies have a hardness of 9.0 on the Mohs scale, and share their mineral with sapphires.


They’re known for being a girl’s best friend, but diamonds have a whole lot of science behind their shimmering appearance. For example, did you know that diamonds are a metastable allotrope or carbon, or that they’re the hardest element on Earth? The strong covalent bond between each diamond’s atoms ensures that each precious gem is as durable as can be. While diamonds are typically formed under incredible heat and pressure towards the Earth’s center, they’re a gemstone that can be made synthetically. Gemesis, now known as Pure Grown Diamonds, is just one of the companies that is able to “grow” diamonds using proprietary technology, ensuring that this much sought-after stone remains reasonably priced and available for all, as well as sustainable. Indeed, many of the company’s gems are available at some 20-30% less than those that have been mined, a fact carefully monitored by buyout purchaser Jatin Mehta. This most precious of gems is judged upon its cut, its clarity, its color, and its carat – the four Cs.

Rose quartz

Rose quartz is a dusky pink variant of the quartz crystal, and is found abundantly in the natural world. Often overlooked for its hazy, or flawed, appearance, rose quartz is far more affordable and popular than other gemstones, though the deeper pink crystals are sought-after. This particular gemstone is formed in pegmatite after periods of high temperature and pressure, and is used across crystal healing. Emanating a gentle radiance, rose quartz is thought to inspire love, beauty, serenity, and compassion. It is judged on its size, clarity, and color.

Hopefully, we have whetted your appetite and inspired you to find out more. Gems are so much more than the jewels we wear, and the stones we admire; they are ingrained in myth and legend, and created via some of science’s most complicated processes. What is the secret behind your favorite gemstone’s sparkle?

5 Life Skills That Games Help You Develop



Online Gaming is Fun, and There Are Many Unique Benefits Too


Many online gamers have experienced some sort of ridicule at some point in their lives. Typically, it’s parents, guardians, siblings or friends who simply don’t get it. As an online player, you have likely heard all manner of insults being leveled at you including, “…is playing games all day long all you are capable of?”, or perhaps, “…quit wasting your time playing games and get a job…”. The list of quips from armchair referees goes on and on. The fact of the matter is that playing games will not rot your brain; if anything you will develop an incredible skill set that will likely serve you well in your career and your life.

Believe it or not, games are designed to stimulate the senses. In this vein, they activate parts of our brains that we typically don’t exercise. For example, strategic games such as military missions require coordination, mapping, tactical preparation and hand/eye coordination. It is not uncommon for the best video gamers to be employed in the Pentagon, or with top-tier hacking companies. There is a unique demand for skilled gamers and it transcends the critique that these folks receive from those out of the loop. We are about to list several incredible skills that you can take with you when you make the jump from online gaming to real-life – enjoy the show!

#1 Playing Musical Instruments


Learning to appreciate music, read music and collaborate with other musicians is no mean feat. But there are video game simulations of such activity that can prepare you for a career in rock ‘n’ roll, jazz, soul, R&B and the like. There are scores of games like Rock Band, Guitar Hero and others that you can access with pro controllers. With the right amount of dedication, you can fine tune your skills, learn how to play instruments and make the switch from player to player.

#2 Learn the Art of Electrical Engineering


Back in the day, our parents learned about engineering from hooking up electrodes to potatoes, or lemons. Nowadays, we can simulate what electrical engineers do with top-notch software programs such as Minecraft. Electrical engineering can be learned from the inside with a mineral from the game known as Redstone. With various logic gates and a little creativity, it is possible to wire a real-life city with energy. This is one of the many ways that virtual can power real-life applications.

#3 Become a Skilled Programmer


Online media is all the rage today, and for good reason – the Internet of Things has arrived. It’s imperative in today’s times to learn programming languages, and various video games are available to make that easy for you. One such attraction is SpaceChem. This video game gets you into the thick of it with computer code. When it comes to code, look no further than CodeCombat or even Light Bot. The skills that are learned by playing these types of games are incredibly useful in real-world applications.

#4 Sharpen Your Dancing Skills and Impress the Girls or Guys


This is one of those things that most every one of us has thought about and can do, or tries not to think about and wishes to do. Whether you can sing and dance or not, there are programs out there that can help you to send it like you mean it. For example, Dance Central is one video game that will get you burning calories and busting moves and grooves like never before. And yes, you can take the skills you have learned from this game to a nightclub with your beau.

#5 Play Poker and Earn Some Cash for Real – No Jokes


So you have a flair for cards, and poker is the name of your game. You may think of it as a mere hobby, or you may be entertaining thoughts that you could take your poker skills up a level and actually start earning money off your abilities. There are many ways to improve your poker playing abilities by reading strategy guides, learning about pot odds, managing your bankroll, learning the rules and following basic advice. It’s a great idea for you to explore your options in this department if you’re serious about the game.


Real money Apps getting more popular

With the mobile device revolution taking center-stage in casino gaming, it’s only fair to expect more real money casino apps to get into the market. There are literally hundreds of apps in the casino market right now. It is even difficult to make up your mind when choosing a suitable casino app for your enjoyment.

Why real money casino apps are dominating the industry

Compatibility is out of the question since it is common knowledge that all apps should be compatible with major platforms like Android, and iOS. Most casino apps are now powered by Microgaming, which gives users a guarantee that outstanding fun will be a priority, thanks to the superb visuals and audio technology.

These apps are very convenient because once downloaded, they come with a host of casino games in different genres. Many apps are even starting to incorporate free casino games for their members. Membership is also free, plus there is a sign up bonus that is given to every new member. Now, this translates to a whole new world of opportunities for making money using these apps.

Gaming apps are developed and managed by an experience team of veterans

Some years ago, real money casino apps would enter the market promising big things such as enhanced gaming experience and potential for earning lots of cash in a short time. Most of the apps that were heavily advertised at the time failed to prove themselves in terms of customer satisfaction.

Then it became apparent that these apps were created and managed by amateurs who had no experience in the online gambling industry. They didn’t have the ability to discern what players really wanted.

But this new approach has changed things, and now these apps are booming business

A modern casino like Euro Palace online casino is managed by experienced veterans in the field, and so you should expect them to stock modern apps that resonate well with players. The success of this team is attributed to the fact that they took their time to study the market, the needs of players, the current product offering, and other factors that will make their casino the best in class.

Also, mobile gaming is wide-spread these days because literally everyone owns a smart phone or tablet. These gadgets are becoming more efficient by the day. Manufacturers are thinking of innovative ways to add cutting-edge processor technology that is powerful yet cheap to produce at the same time. In other words, even a low end Smartphone can download and run these games without lag time and this is a significant milestone for both Smartphone manufacturers and app developers.

The stage has been set for app developers to experiment the market from all angles. Not only are wagers able to place their bets conveniently, but they are also able to make deposits and withdrawals through in-built payment systems on the app. The idea is to come up with casino apps that offer everything under one roof without sacrificing other elements. Therefore, when you download these apps from Euro Palace online casino, you will be guaranteed of outstanding graphics, variety of games and offers, security through special encryption, fast payouts and compatibility.

Tales of the Left Hand

totlh_kindle_book-coversA pretty good audiobook i’m listening to is Tales of the Left Hand. The tagline is “swashbuckling, intrigue, and a dash of magic”.

This is a continuing fantasy series written and narrated by John Meagher. As the slogan says, TotLH is “swashbuckling, intrigue, and a dash of magic,” set in the tropical island region known as the Frees. Cliffhangers, mystery, heroes and villains abound (as well a few pirates, of course).
All the books are available in print, eBook and audio formats.

I recommend the podcast, it’s free, and you can make a donation to the author if you like it.

The billion-dollar problem with self-driving taxis?

Uber autonomous taxis

There’s an interesting article on Linkedin written by InFluencer  about how it might be difficult for the autonomous cars to be success as taxis unless the UBERs of the world are ready to get into the deep capital costs required to own manage expensive fleets.


The next issue would be maintenance. There is a myth among some tech geeks that electric cars don’t need service. Tesla has demonstrated that in fact they need maintenance. Despite all the sensors and millions of lines of code and a large battery, they still have wheels and tires, brakes and other mechanical parts and fluids that require replacement or adjustment. And the moment you put people into a car, even one devoid of controls that passengers can mess with, things will happen.

Security and You – Online Casino Gaming


Online players not only have noteworthy amounts of resources deposited with online casinos but also have sensitive information like credit card numbers and other personal data stored in the casino’s servers. If the funds and info were intercepted, then the online players would be subject to considerable loss and inconvenience. Therefore, a top online casino will take the necessary steps to ensure that they provide a secure gaming environment. Players should understand what these steps are and should verify their existence at online casinos before starting to wager.

One of the steps to provide security of the sensitive information is through the Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy sets out what info is observed, how it is used and how it is kept secure. First the online casino needs certain info to verify the identity of the player and to process their funds. The online casino may also collect demographic info to improve the products and services offered. Usually all online casinos try not to reveal this information to third parties. The exceptions are when the online casinos employ third party processors or if they are required to furnish the information under law. Online casinos use several ways to ensure the security of the info. Access to the info is allowed to only a few senior casino personnel. Protection against hackers is more important and for this online casinos use firewalls and other software security methods available. Players should read the Privacy Policy before agreeing to the terms and conditions of the online casino.

The most important aspect of online casino security is the protections of funds during financial transactions across the Internet. Today, billions in currency are handled over the Internet and this issue does not pertain to online casinos only. Experts have developed encryption protocols such as the 128-bit Secure Socket Layer Encryption to ensure that the transfer of funds and information is safe. In this, the information is encrypted using a code before transmission and can only be unencrypted by the intended user. If a third party intercepts the info they will be unable to decipher it. Most online casinos use the latest available SSL technology.

A third aspect of security for the players is dispute resolution. Players may feel that they have not been given their due winnings or bonuses and have therefore been put to a loss. This can only be resolved if each and every gaming transaction and financial transaction has been archived. Online casinos maintain these archives so as to ensure transparency. Players can check back the outcome of a slot spin or blackjack hand played months ago.

The security of your banking details should be priority number one when gaming in online casinos. However – don’t under-estimate the threat of your personal data being passed on to third parties. There are countless people who have suffered from identity theft and had illegal practices performed under their name! In addition, do you really want endless spam emails and sales phone calls? I thought not – so check that your casino offers a 100% confidentiality and a data protection agreement.

Coolest Tech Essentials To Introduce To Your New Home

The modern smart home is still learning and slowly but surely is becoming a big thing. The internet is gradually making its way into everything from appliances to sprinkler systems and soon you will be able to control most things in your house from your phone. Some of the smart home gadgets on the market can be a little complex, but a number of them also blend into your normal life, making things easier and smarter rather than just getting in the way. If you have an appreciation for forward-looking tech, then there a few devices out there this can be very beneficial.


When it comes to making your home smarter, there are many forms of smart home automation from entertainment systems to thermostats. And the Nest Learning Thermostat really is the face of smart home technology for most, but depending on what your home is like. The very presence of this device will make you incredibly more conscious about saving energy and money. You are able to heat or cool your house own from your phone, without even getting out of bed.

Smoke Detector

When it comes to household fire fatalities the number one reason as to why they happen is due to faulty smoke detectors. So a smart smoke detectors which can talk to you as well as let you know when there is a problem and alerts can be view or silenced from your phone, will not only be beneficial but can also save lives. These devices are highly dependable smoke and carbon monoxide indicators too.


Philip’s Hue lights, as well as many other brands can be turned on by just an app on your smartphone. You can also change the colors and brightness and sync up with other apps so that they will flash when your hone gets a notification. It enables you to control up to 50 lights at one given time.


There is now an internet-connected kettle, which although may not be essential but comes in handy when you want a cuppa. This means it will boil water ready for your tea before you even arrive in the kitchen. It can be turned on from the app, and scheduled to warm up ready to make a brew when you wake up in the morning right when you need your caffeine fix, the most.

Skyscraper Tetris And 3 Other Times Humans Did Awesome Stuff With Lighting

Lighting is a massive parts of our lives, and it illuminates, our homes, streets, offices, cinemas, theaters, and well everything. There have been many times that lighting hasn’t just been a necessity but also a political stance. Light in is incredibly important not just for practical reasons but also representing that through the darkness there will be light at the end of the tunnel no matter how dire the situations seems at the time.

Tetris Tower

In 2014, one Saturday night, a 29-story Philadelphia skyscraper hosted the world’s largest game of Tetris and most likely the world’s largest video game over all. A team which was led by Drexel University computer science professor Frank Lee, hacked into the LED tape lighting system of the Cira Centre building in downtown Philadelphia to create a large game of Tetris that could be played during the city’s ongoing tech week. Frank Lee told the press that ‘People will think of this as a game, but I think this as a public ornament. Technology has sort of made us isolated from each other. I want us to be with each other and play with each other.’ This happens to be the second year in a row that his team has hacked more than 1,400 LED lights on the Cira Centre to create large scale versions of classic arcade games.

Pray For Nice

Earlier this summer the world was left in a devastated shock after the Bastille Day Attack. To cancel out that darkness, candlelit vigils were held around the globe as all of the world’s most iconic buildings were lit up in the colors of the French tricolor to make a stand of unity. The famous landmarks included the London Eye, the Eiffel Tower and the Helmsley Building in New York was all illuminate din blue, white and red. The unity was shown after an ISIS trucker killed at least 84 people who had gathered to celebrate France’s National Day in Nice.

Rainbow Revolution

Last year in June the United States Supreme Court finally ruled in the case of Obergefell V. Hodges, that two people of the same sex have a right to marry in all 50 states and that such marriages must be recognized when lawfully performed out of state. This landmark ruling was celebrated in a burst of rainbows across the internet and on buildings. There was a mass support from the White House where at dusk the lights came on to illuminate the building in a rainbow of colors, this sent off a chain reaction where multiple buildings in America to also light up a rainbow.

Liverpool Pride

Another rainbow was created in Liverpool in July this year where some of the city’s most iconic buildings set to show their rainbow colors in honor of pride. The sites included St George’s hall, the Cunard Building, Everyman and Playhouse theaters, the Royal Court, ECHO arena, FACT and The Bluecoat. The lighting was to demonstrate part of the Come Out of the Shadows, a new three-year initiative across the Liverpool City region which will help organizers of Liverpool Pride bid to become the most visibly LGBT friendly city in the UK.

How Technology Has Improved Body Transformations

Technology is constantly evolving and is being used more and more when it comes to transforming body parts. From traditional technology being gradually updated for modifications such as tattoos and piercings, to advanced technology such as femtosecond lasers being used for transformations such as laser eye surgery, technology has rapidly improved body transformations over the last few years.

Minimal Scarring

One of the main ways technology has improved body transformations is by allowing there to be minimal scarring. This is especially true when it comes to FUE hair transplants, which is used during cheap hair transplants in Turkey and around the rest of the world. Tiny needles are used with FUE in order to help reduce the scarring that was previously caused by other hair transplant techniques such as FUT, and this is now being used across a number of hair transplants for men and women, including beard transplants and eyebrow transplants.

Pain Free

An advancement in technology has allowed some procedures to be carried out pain-free. Of course prior to this anesthetics were used, and they still are to this day, but the aftermath of the surgery allows the patient to heal in less pain and in more comfort than they would have previously. Smaller incisions and more precise application also allows faster healing times, while helping to reduce any adverse risks of infection and other problems that can be caused. All of this is due to an advancement in technology.

Better Results

An advancement in technology has allowed more precise results. For example, during a face lift, surgeons can now use an endoscope, which is essentially a small camera inserted into a tiny cut in the skin, for surgeons to see which part of their patient’s muscles need tightening and how much excess fat needs to be removed exactly, in order to provide a closer replica of the patient’s desired outcome. This is also true when it comes to breast augmentation, lip augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty and much more and methods are becoming not only easier for the surgeons to carry out, they are also helping to improve the effectiveness and results of the procedure.

Reducing Human Error

Technology has allowed body transformations to become more precise and accurate, and equally reducing the room for human error. More advanced forms of technology such as femtosecond lasers have been used as a way to transform the way eye surgery is performed. Previously, a slit would have been made using hand-held tools rather than a laser, and this could have led to complications with the eye. On top of this, human error can also occur during long procedures that can last hours on end and require a large number of bodies within the team. This can be reduced dramatically as technology allows the procedure to speed up, from consultation, through the procedure and throughout the after care service too. Every new form of technology in the cosmetic surgery and body transformation industries are safer, more accessible and more customizable for patients to determine their desired outcome, and to achieve it with less procedures having to take place.

How Tech Has Made Builders Lives A Lot Easier Over The Last 10 Years

Technology is very quickly taking over the world, probably more than we know. The first technologies began to make ploughing the fields and other manual labor jobs a lot easier, and now more technology is being introduced into the construction industry in order to make the process of building a lot easier for builders. However, this could also quickly begin to make their jobs less valuable, and tech could start to replace their jobs altogether. There’s a few different types of technology that are being introduced into the industry.

3-D Printing

3-D printing is one of the most advanced forms of technology that we have seen, and in January 2015 a company in China used this technology to build ten houses on the outskirts of Suzhou. In addition to this, Dubai debuted the first fully functional 3-D printed building which was printed and assembled in just 17 days in May of this year. 3-D printing is the process of making a physical object from a 3-D digital model by laying down many successive layers of a material, all built from a digital file. 3-D printing could be an evolution in the home building industry, and the various technologies could be using 3-D printing as a core method to fabricate buildings or other construction components. It is highly likely that throughout the next few years we will see this technology being used on a regular basis by North London builders and companies in the UK.


Drones have hit the headlines many times for their disruptive nature when they’ve been let loose in front of runways, but drones could also be the future of surveying, which could make a builders life a lot easier. Drones could be used to provide a birds eye view of an area, survey the area with advanced technologies, provide progress reports, speed up any construction logistics by monitoring deliveries, and offering real-time updates on any changes that may be needed to the plans. Drones could also be used regularly to help report across different job sites back to the client and the project manager, which could save a lot of time, effort and money having to shuttle through a number a different job sites.

Automated Vehicles

Cars are beginning to start driving themselves, and construction machinery isn’t far behind. Some vehicles may be able to be connected with the drones that are reading the logistics on the construction site, and through this direct the machinery to do what it wants it to do. A Japanese company, Komatsu, has already trialed this, and used their drones to send 3-D models of a building site to a computer, and the computer then feeds this information to the machinery laying out its course for it. Robotic building sites using automated vehicles, drones and 3-D printing could mean the end of any building crisis caused by population increase throughout the world, and could result in much faster building being carried out by the machines, as a way to aid a builder’s workload, therefore making their lives a lot easier.

The Big Business of Mobile Gaming

Being able to play your favourite games on your mobile device is possibly any gamers’ dream come true. Mobile gaming has become one of the fastest growing industries, and not to mention a cash cow in the 21st century.

Not so long ago, the idea of playing any high resolution game on a mobile handset seemed very futuristic. Games that required focused maneuverability and quality graphics were either played at the arcade or with multi-player joysticks in the comfort of your home on your television or computer. The revolution of bringing those games to the gamer’s fingertips not only changed the face of gaming but also upped the ante for gaming developers and mobile manufacturers.

Developers now have to bring their A-game in creating versions of gamers’ favorite computer games with graphics and features that are close to or even surpass that of the original. This also means that mobile manufacturers have to produce a superior handset that allows for easy play with high resolutions and no lag. And because gamers’ are always waiting for the next level or a better version of the latest geek gadget, both industries have to develop their products faster than the gamer clicks on their device.

The mobile gaming industry is estimated at over $30 billion; a heap load more than traditional PC or legacy games. This figure continues to grow as new apps, new games and newer, better handsets are developed to keep up with the ever-growing customer demand. And what the customer wants, the customer gets. In this fast-paced generation, being able to game on the go is so much better than setting up your gaming station: gamers can play anywhere, anytime. With the rise in smartphone users, and the direct competition between Android and Apple with the much loved traditional Nintendo and Sony play stations, it’s no wonder why gaming apps are considered the most-used applications on mobile devices.

The big draw card with mobile gaming is the quick access and in-app functions such as purchasing or downloading additional features to beef up the game. It is estimated that users spend nearly eight hours per week simply playing online games on their mobile. Players could spend over $10,000 per month purchasing extras and adding special functions to their virtual worlds. In-app advertising is said to be the big money maker where gaming applications are concerned. This could arguably be where the big business of mobile gaming lies, and a small price to pay to have the latest popular games in the palm of your hand.

The best thing about mobile gaming is the fact that users can simply download their favorite game straight from the website and access it for free or a much cheaper rate than buying the game once-off. Mobile gamers also enjoy the security that mobile gaming applications offer: online purchases are fast, secure and safe. When playing online on a gaming site, like, players can make quick and easy deposits to boost their accounts, giving them instant access to the best online casino games. And who wouldn’t want to play and win whenever, wherever?

A Handy Guide To Your First PC Gaming Setup

Console gaming has had its peak, and now PC gaming is what everyone’s talking about. Like a lot of people, you may have finally taken notice of all the hype, and abandoned console gaming for a PC setup. Unfortunately, this isn’t as simple as walking into a store and asking for a gaming PC. Buying or building a gaming PC can be pretty complex, especially for newcomers. To make the whole process simpler, here’s a brief guide to your first setup.


Source: Pexels

The first thing to consider when you’re buying a PC gaming setup is the kinds of games you intend to play on it. While any gaming PC will do a better job than a conventional one, there are certain finer points which can make a lot of difference to your gaming experience. If you’re crazy for FPSs, then you’ll probably want to put more emphasis on graphics as opposed to CPU performance. However, if you’re more into RTS and other strategy genres, then you’ll want to go for a better CPU, capable of processing the AI more quickly. Of course, many modern releases have blurred the lines between genres, and you may not even have a go-to PC game yet. If this is the case, then you should go for a balance between graphics quality and speed.

Unless you’re going to be playing exclusively retro games, then the graphics card you buy is going to be a big decision. This will dictate the quality of display you can have, and have a massive impact on your overall gaming experience. It’s a good rule to carve off about a third of your overall budget and set this aside for your graphics card. Every new title that’s released generally has a higher demand for graphics quality, and buying the latest generation you can afford will ensure that you can keep up. I’m sure you don’t want to scrimp on the graphics card and only be able to enjoy it for a few months. Once you buy your card, just make sure you’re tinkering with the settings to get the most out of it. I’m always amazed when someone spends a grand on an incredibly high-quality graphics card, but then runs all of their games at default settings.

Finally, think about your peripherals. The basic tower hardware of a gaming PC will push you in the right direction. After that though, you’ll need a gaming mouse, mechanical keyboard, and a high-quality headset to go with it. To the inexperienced gamer, these accessories might seem like unnecessary money. Once you try them out and get used to them though, you’ll certainly change your tune! Gaming mice are far more comfortable to hold, and come with several extra buttons which you can program for different commands. This means you can shave valuable seconds off of throwing grenades or reloading in FPSs. Mechanical keyboards offer a wide range of keys, which put up different levels of resistance depending on the games you like to play. You don’t have to spend a fortune here, but you do have to move on from your standard peripherals!


Easily Revive Your Lost Data


The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is an awesome tool to have in the arsenal of every computer owner. Ever lost an email filled with vital information? Maybe you downloaded a program from the web and can’t find it anywhere on your computer? Or how about that really cool ringtone for your phone? You know the one that is there, somewhere on your computer, but you just don’t know where.

That’s a simplification of the data this tool can locate on your computer and restore for you, but you get the picture. This free data recovery software is easy to install and use for all of your computer data recovery and restoration needs. After installation, a window pops up that scans the computer, then displays sections like photos, audio(music), graphics, documents, video, and emails. You pick the section you wish to scan and it goes through generating a list of the contents for that area. The process is relatively quick and pain-free. Once you find the lost data, you can have it restored to be usable again.

I used the program to recover a deleted email containing information from my boss. I did not want to call him and say that I had lost the info, so this free recovery software saved my bacon! You can recover 500 MB of data for free, then you can upgrade to the paid version for long term benefits.

Some of the more common situations where the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard would be really helpful are a virus attack, formatted hard drive, OS crash or error, a partition loss, a RAW partition and many more problems. Think of this as a terrific peace of mind that you have at the ready so that if things go wrong with your computer’s data, the recovery wizard is there to save the day-ta.

Download the program and give it a try. I think you’ll find that it is a product worth owning long term.

Monetization Strategy: Are You Using These 3 Top Strategies?

3 Tips for Successful Monetization Strategy

Successful monetization for app development requires the right strategy. This doesn’t only include employing the best marketing strategies, but also knowing which marketing pitfalls to avoid. For instance, one of the biggest mistakes that many app developers make is waiting too long before they get involved in marketing and not planning their apps release date in advance.

With that in mind, the following are three tips you can employ as an app developer to help develop a successful monetization strategy.

1 – Decide if you’re going to go the paid or the free route. The monetization strategy that you would employ if you were to launch a paid app for iOS is different compared to launching a free app for Apple users. The most obvious reason is a paid app brings you in money each time a user downloads your product while a free app requires in-app advertising or some other form of advertising for you to generate revenue. Knowing if your app will be paid or free will start you off on the right marketing path right from the beginning.

2 – Have a monetization plan. If you’re going the free route, before you even launch your product, have an idea as to how you’re going to make money off it. If you’re new to the industry and you’re not entirely sure what’s best for your app, it’s a good idea to seek the help of an app advertisement platform, which can help you discover the different ways that you can monetize, the different tools that are available, and how to distribute your app in a way that makes the most sense to your specific brand.

3 – Freemium often works best. Although not the only free app method, freemium tends to work well for many mobile applications. For instance, examples of freemium products that work well are mobile games. Freemium games enable users to download a game free. However, if they want to enjoy a premium feature (ex. extra level, bonus content, the full game with no ads, etc.) they will need to pay for it.

Know your target audience and understand them and you’ll find the best monetization strategy.