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The release of Amazon Game Studio’s, New World, towards the back end of 2021 was a bit of a mixed bag – the game was able to drum up a lot of hype initially with a very life skill focused approach to crafting and a simple combat system, but early server issues and ongoing bugs and other problems led the game to fall short. Where many other big studios are focusing on mobile in particular as some of the biggest genres in gaming like those found at are a sure thing, Amazon is instead looking to try their hand in the MMORPG market once again, but not directly with development.

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The game that will take Amazon’s focus now is Lost Ark, a 2.5D isometric styled theme-park MMORPG that at first seems to replicate some bigger ARPG titles like Diablo and Path of Exile, but is something else entirely – the game has already found widespread success in Korea and Russia since it’s release in 2019 and has become one of the most played games for both regions since its release, and it had been up in the air whether or not the game would find a western release – the developer, Smilegate, will still lead the game and have already made some influential decisions regarding the western release too, but the publishing rights have been passed over to Amazon Games, and provide a second chance to show if any lessons have been learned from the slight flop of New World.

There have been some player concerns about the launch, although it is being split into two with players who have purchased a founders pack able to access the game three days earlier and the free-to-play players accessing all at once during the weekend, given the server instability of New World early on there are hopes that lessons had been learned and that some of the instability can be solved this time around – the good news is that for the most part, when players were logged into the game they were able to remain in the game without being disconnected or experiencing the server issues – but also does raise another question if measures will be taken to stop players using macros or tools to prevent being logged out.

Given the game has been so highly anticipated and has already found a huge amount of success in different markets, there’s a lot of pressure here to succeed, and getting it right could be the doorway for Amazon Games to have something very strong under their belt after a couple of poor performances.

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