Amazing Reasons Why Buying An Xbox Is Better Than A Playstation 4

Microsoft has lamed along gamely, the Xbox One family playing second-fiddle to Sony’s sales and Nintendo’s hype. It’s no secret that Sony and its PlayStation 4 line of video game consoles has dominated the current console generation. Here is an article with the reasons why buying Xbox is better than a playstation 4.

Xbox Games With Gold Is Now Twice As Good As PS Plus.

Backward compatibility spills over into the perks Xbox gamers get for subscribing to Live Gold, just like online casino games, the premium service that’s required to play games online with an Xbox One. Its live has long been considered a great offering to PlayStation Network, but even though it was closed in recent years, a new one has opened.

Xbox Game Pass is a Steal

Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft’s subscription game service that is the best and most valuable secret weapon at the moment. For $10 per month, games gain access to a seriously impressive lineup of included games. For example, on Netflix, some new games are added each month and some just go away but you will never be short on choices.

Apart from that, these aren’t all old games or bargain bin titles, either. Newer titles like Shadow of the Tomb Raider are playable right now, and lots of brand new releases are added as well. Perhaps most enticing, are also included at no additional cost. And when the new Gears of War or Halo lands, you won’t have to shell out $60 to play.

New Game Studio Change the Exclusive Landscape Going Forward

Finally, over the past year or so, Microsoft has gone on a major buying spree, gobbling up many game development studios in a transparent bid in past years to increase the number of quality game exclusives. In addition, whether these studios are developing games for the Xbox One or the next one remains a mystery, but either way, you should expect a very different exclusive landscape in the not-too-distant future.

In conclusion, these are the reasons why an Xbox is better than a PlayStation.

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