5 Noticeable Changes Digital Technology Has Brought to Betting

Digital technology has always made its mark as a positive phenomenon in all aspects of human life and interaction. This form of technology has brought faster, easier, and more secure ways of transactional interactions among humans. And it doesn’t come as a bit of a surprise that the sports betting industry has its own share of the goodness digital technology offers. 

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All thanks to introducing digital technology, the sports betting industry now boasts of some impactful and noticeable changes. There have been significant changes in some operations of the $203-billion sports betting industry. The most noticeable of these changes include:

  • The increasing popularity of blockchain in sports betting
  • An increase in the accuracy rate of sports betting data
  • Live betting is gaining more ground
  • Bookmarkers are leveraging the power of digital
  • Bet shops are giving in to bet apps

The above innovations are having great impacts on sports betting. Digital technology has brought a revolution to the way punters and bookmarkers relate and operate. In this article, you will discover how digital technology  

The Increasing Popularity of Blockchain in Sports Betting

Blockchain technology is like an octopus; it has spread its tentacles into various aspects of human life. One of these aspects is sports betting. Some online bookmakers and sports betting websites have incorporated blockchain technology into their transactions. In fact, there is an increasing demand for the provision of cryptocurrency payment options on sports betting websites and apps.

The increasing demand for cryptocurrency payment options for online sports betting is understandable. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are the future of the world’s financial transactions. Apart from the fact that blockchain is a secure payment option, it also allows for privacy. We would be deceiving ourselves if we said sports betting have become generally accepted. Although the art of sports betting is a popular indulgence, there is no denying that it is not widely accepted.

Furthermore, cryptocurrency is a yes to flexibility in payment options in the sports betting industry. This digital technology removes some barriers that might be hindering some online bookmakers and betting websites from going fully global. Cryptocurrency does not have country restrictions like some online payment options. Anyone can transact in the cryptocurrency market.

In the next few years, cryptocurrency would most likely have replaced cash, as we know it, as the most used legal tender on sports betting platforms. The rise of cryptocurrency use in sports betting is proportional to the increasing migration of bookmarkers to the online world. It is a positive trend that can hardly be mitigated.

 An Increase in the Accuracy Rate of Sports Betting Data

As tempting as it sounds, sports betting, or says successful sports betting is not a product of luck. It is rather a product of data-informed and calculation-based decisions. Data insights cannot be separated from sports betting if one wishes to be a successful punter. This is because several factors influence performance in sports. You must carefully weigh these data, drawing on data insights, before making your bets.

The relationship between sportsbooks and bettors depends largely on trust. The trust bettors have in sportsbooks to provide accurate information that can help bettors make informed betting decisions. You might wonder how sportsbooks come across such information. There are a variety of ways. Sportsbooks analyze data, from odds to weather conditions, to team form, to sports betting data.

Imagine how precise and accurate data could be when analysts use artificial intelligence and machine learning. Digital technology in betting allows sportsbooks to analyze much more data than they could analyze before, in less time, at a more accurate rate. These further increases the trust bettors have in sportsbooks, which invariably brings in more bettors, and a larger sports betting industry.

Live Betting Is Gaining More Ground

One of the merits of digital technology is instant access to data. Digital technology has provided us with the opportunity to bet in real-time. This offers an exciting side to betting, as real-time betting could incorporate virtually anything. Algorithms calculate odds for different outcomes and demands that the world of sports betting could never have thought of having some decades ago. Betting has left the bland stage of placing your bets and sending them in days or weeks before the games.

Nowadays, bettors can follow live games and place bets on whatever they fancy. Variety brings spice to life, and live betting is another aspect of betting that is gaining more ground among bettors, especially young and adventurous bettors.

Bookmakers Are Leveraging the Power Of Digital

Gone are the days when bookmakers were restricted to newspaper ages and bet shops. Digital technology has so much to offer, and the lesson is not lost on bookmarkers. Many are finding their way online and creating digital shops of their own. There are thousands of betting websites. This makes it possible for an online betting site to get lost in the sea of bookmarking sites.

Sportsbooks that wish to beat heavy competition have learned to leverage the power of digital marketing. More so, these betting websites have learned the ropes of SEO for visibility and ranking. Bettors use various search terms while seeking online bookmarkers. It is therefore sportsbooks that have learned to incorporate such terms into their website content that get the bulk of bet-related traffic.

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Bet Shops Are Giving In To Bet Apps

Digital technology in betting has also led to an improvement in customer experience. Bookmakers have discovered that mobile apps offer a better user experience than websites. There are over 6 billion active smartphone users in the world. Furthermore, statistics prove that as of 2020, over 90% of the world’s internet usage is via mobile.

What these data have taught the betting industry is that digital technology should be further explored to include the introduction of mobile betting apps. Mobile betting apps offer a personalized and better user experience. They also offer some amazing features that online sports betting websites do not offer. Bet apps are fast replacing bet shops, even as digital technology in betting is fast replacing traditional betting.

Some amazing bookmakers that offer full betting services (website, app, shops) include 22bet alkalmazás, a Hungarian betting company, SkyBet, a UK betting company, and HPIbet.


The sports betting industry has witnessed some spectacular changes, since the introduction of digital technology in betting. Bettors make more informed decisions, all thanks to the accuracy of artificial intelligence in analyzing data. Bookmakers also offer odds that are favorable to both the bettors and the online sportsbooks. Digital technology has also brought secure and faster means of transacting between bettors and betting websites.

There are several positive changes that digital technology has contributed to betting, some of which this article does not capture. Although digital technology is not totally new in betting, there are indications that its influence will rise exponentially in the coming years.


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