Reasons why a career in IT could offer the best future employment security

In today’s volatile economic climate, it’s becoming harder and harder for prospective job seekers to pick a course and qualification that offers genuine job stability and opportunities for career progression. There’s little doubting the influence that computers and technology have had on the world of work and with the increasing integration of automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning in the workplace, it can seem a daunting prospect trying to decide which avenue of work might offer the best employment security in the future.

Why IT is a future-proof employment path

While it’s true many previously safe and established professions are under threat from the incessant march of technology, there is one sector that employment analysts all agree will offer considerable job security in the coming years – namely, a career working in the IT industry. Even if you’re already working in another job, studying an IT degree online in your spare time could open a world of employment opportunities – perhaps seeing you make a sideways move with your current employer or starting afresh in an entirely different career.

Here are just a few reasons why IT could be the best career path for you:

A huge variety of different disciplines within one sector: One of the greatest advantages of studying a qualification applicable to the IT industry is the sheer diversity of professions it can encompass. IT surrounds us these days and has influenced every aspect of both our work and personal lives, meaning there are multiple career paths open – everything from a job as a web developer to working as a data analyst, network security specialist or even as an ethical hacker. Working in IT also provides flexibility in terms of work set-up. Applicants can look for on-site or remote jobs in Dallas, Atlanta and Washington DC if they are looking for good salary and benefits. Having a base knowledge and understanding will open multiple doors – even if you might have to take on some extra dedicated learning if you want to specialize.

Demand is high: The IT sector has been consistently growing for the last 20 years and shows absolutely no signs of slowing anytime soon. As we move more and more of our work and personal data online, the demand for IT specialists is only going to increase. As an added benefit, IT students have been known to work freelance through their studies – so you could be earning before you’re even fully qualified.

Structured career progression: As mentioned, the umbrella term ‘IT’ covers a huge range of different disciplines meaning sideways moves are always possible should you find yourself reaching the ceiling in a particular specialist area. Moreover, as IT continues to play an increasingly important part in our lives, so the number of dedicated companies grows. If you have the relevant skills, there’s really no limit on where your career could take you.

One of the highest-paying jobs: With IT now such an integral part of most company’s operations (just try thinking of any business that doesn’t rely on its IT and networking systems), employees with tech skills have become a valued commodity across the entire business spectrum. Not only does this offer massive possible career diversity, it also results in IT workers being paid a higher salary than most other workers at a comparable level in the employment ladder. Even as a new-start or junior, you can expect to earn more than the national pay average.

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