Megaquads Slot Games Explained

Megaquads is one of the latest innovations from Big Time Gaming the company that created the Megaways slots. As it is with all BTG does, innovation is the ingredient that makes Megaquads an exceptional game for players globally – try today.

In this guide, you will understand what Megaquads slot games are all about.

What is Megaquads?

One thing about Megaquads is that it can be a bit confusing especially for new players. Currently, Megaquads is a slot game engine that only appears in one game which is the Slot Vegas Megaquads. There has been an announcement by BTG about its intention to expand the series depending on how successful the debut is.

One thing that makes Megaquads special is that you will not only be playing on four different slot machines as the four tables are designed to interact and give you huge wins. The tables are made to work in the Megaways pattern which means you won’t find pre-set pay lines. You will be expected to arrange symbols in each one of the reels moving from left to right. Note that the row in which the symbols on the real appear is not consequential. The four tables come with 256 different winning combos.

Steps to playing Megaquad slots

Here are some steps that should help make playing Megaquads easier.

1. Only go for the perfect online casinos

If you want to enjoy the very best of Megaquads games, you need to search for a casino site that supports the technology. Ensure you consider the reviews and comments of past users before you use it.

2. Test a Demo

Many expert slot players prefer trying free demos before they begin investing real money in a new game. This same principle applies to playing Megaquads slots games. Especially if you aren’t enthusiastic about starting with real money. You can find demo versions on online casinos.

3.     Deposit to play real money

If you have tested Megaguads slot and you see it as something you want to try your hands on, you should consider playing it with real money. To do this, you need to first register and deposit on the website of choice. There are different payment options available to you such as PayPal, Credit Cards, and other prepaid cards.

4. Play the slots

The next step involves playing the Megaquads slot and enjoy all its benefits. Playing this game allows you to enjoy over 16 million winning possibilities while playing the free spins.

What to remember while playing Megaquads

Before you venture into playing Megaquads like other online slot games, take note of the following.

·        Don’t get greedy

One error many people make when venturing into casino games is that they don’t know when to stop. You need to set limits for yourself while playing. Doing this will ensure you do not lose more than necessary.

·        Understand the rules

Although the rules are straightforward, you will save yourself a lot of trouble by going through the instructions with diligence.

·        Use only trusted platforms

The easiest way to tell if a platform is legitimate and reliable is by checking if it has a license by the appropriate body.


Megaquads have come here to stay! The game offers fun and excitement as well as awesome rewards for players.

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