The Best Features You Can Find on An iPhone in 2021

The iPhone has been named the best phone in the industry right now.  The phone brand comes with some features that have helped it stand out from the rest of the brands. For example, you are guaranteed of getting the best real money gaming from your favorite Australian online casinos from your iPhone. Some of the feature are going to be highlighted in this article.

Calls Are like Push up Notifications

There are times that you might get extremely busy and not want any disturbances on your phone. There is a new feature that will make the calls appear as push notifications. That way, they do not have to take over the whole screen. If you do not want to pick up the phone, then you can easily just swipe the notification away and continue with your tasks.

Floating Videos

This feature is for those who would want to play their videos while they do something else. Therefore, there is a floating screen option of playing you videos. The new iOS 14 comes with some of the best multi tasking features that you can make use of online. Once you are done, you can easily swipe this off the screen as well.

iMessage App

At times, there is segregation and reluctance in developing the different messaging apps that are in-built in your phones. But the new iOS 14 has managed to make an upgrade on the messaging system of their phone.  You can now get to pa around with your messages, make other texts within texts the best feature is that you can get to also reference people to messages and you can get too tag your friends and family a well.

Voice Translation

The new android devices comes with a translations app that will allow you t translate voice and the text in 11 different languages. Just like translating slot machines language to any language. This amazing feature is one way that you can get to grasp different languages and play around with your dictionary.

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