Top 6 Twitch Streamers Every Gambler Should Follow

With the legalization in 2013 of online gambling in Hungary, the industry has boomed locally. The online gambling industry is anticipated to almost double globally in size from 2019 to 2023.

Online casinos consistently offer attractive bonuses for players in the fight for market share and engagement on their platforms.

While being mindful of responsible gambling, this progressive casino experience earnestly beckons.

Most casinos in Hungary have partnered with international software providers making the online casino gaming environment as universal as ever. You can choose between all types of play, live casinos, slots and, even table games.

With so many options out there, it helps to turn to online streamers for some direction.

Twitch Online Streaming Platform

Twitch is currently the most popular gaming streaming platform, and it also incorporates gambling content.

Twitch is the perfect platform to search and follow your favourite casino streamer. Viewers can see who is making waves or check popularity on the Twitch stats board. Tune in to upskill your gameplan or watch high stake twitch gambling and slots without sacrificing your bankroll.

Viewers can even wager on the outcome of the gambling streams by using the twitch gamble command.


The online gambling scene is continually evolving. Szilvia Sultés, a PR Specialist (view her profile), has noted the recent increase in female online gamblers. Female players are at a 41% high globally, and casinos are designing with them in mind.

Streamers You Should be Following

Out of the whole gambling fraternity, who should you be following for fun, entertainment, and growth?

1. Casino Daddy

2. Classy Beef

3. Lets Give It A Spin

4. Jarttu84

5. Nick Slots

6. Casinogirlz

Casino Daddy

Casino Daddy is a channel that is the brainchild of 3 brothers from Sweden with a passion for gambling. Their chosen games are slots mainly but with a dash of poker. They stream every day of the week for roughly 5hrs.

If you enjoy the thrill of watching high stake casino games and poker, then these are the players to follow.

Followers: 162,1K

Classy Beef

Classy Beef is one of the fastest-growing gambling channels and the 2nd most visited in its sector. The group consists of gambling streamers who are renowned individually and are big on integrity. They only play at casinos that they consider trustworthy, and their focus is on remaining relevant.

Streaming days are Tuesdays to Sundays, and slots are the game of choice.

Follow if you are looking for risk-takers that are innovative and exciting to watch.

Followers: 127,9K

Lets Give it a Spin

Lets Give it a Spin falls under the team. Kim from Sweden was once a professional poker player now turned online casino gamer. His charisma and likeability make him the darling of the gambling community. He keeps it real during play and is renowned for his online slots streaming.

He tends to stream five times a week with a 7.30 pm to 12.30 am timeslot.

There are often fun bonus hunts and big laughs with the rest of the CasinoGrounds community.

If you’re looking for a genuine, ‘down to earthiness,’ then this is your man.

Followers: 57,1K

Jarttu 84

This streamer hails from Finland. He has been streaming since 2015 and is a Twitch Partner (meaning he broadcasts a variety of content). 

With a reputation for his high stake gameplay, competitions, and giveaways, his chosen games are poker and twitch slots.

He has built a loyal following and draws viewers with his jam-packed content. You can usually find him actively streaming about 5 to 9 times per week.

Followers: 54.2K


Nick Preston is known as somewhat of a legend in the gambling sphere. From Yorkshire in the UK, he is co-owner of the Casino Grounds Platform, and he only streams slots.

He’s crafted his personality over the years, exuding charismatic charm. Nick consistently works hard in all his streams and has built up a massive YouTube following.

You can find him streaming four days a week for roughly 5 hours.

Followers: 29,8K


A welcome all-girl team that features slots gaming and has been around since 2013.

The girls have built up a reputation for sharing giveaways and can usually be found streaming Monday to Friday weekly.

You will enjoy their gameplay, which is fun for the viewers to watch, and they’re steadily growing their fanbase.

Followers: 24.7K


So go ahead and start your streaming marathon. You will soon come to realize that watching is as exhilarating as playing. Clear your diary as it’s time to join the masses on Twitch and follow the entertainers of today.

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