Why Video Poker is Better Than Baccarat

Video Poker and Baccarat are among the best casino games that have high return to player percentages, you can read for more information at https://www.casinosonline-canada.ca. Some players who play Baccarat do not like playing Video Poker, this is why we are going to list the reasons why video Poker is better.

Better RTP and Odds

Most players experience challenges when it comes to video Poker, this is due to the fact that there are so many different games and there are many pay tables. The return to player percentage of a video Poker game becomes worse than that of Baccarat when you play the wrong Video Poker game that has a wrong payback. There are some video Poker games that have better odds of you winning.

You Have More Choices as Well as Variety

If you play Baccarat, you only have two choices to make and these are big table baccarat and small table Baccarat. You will find that big table baccarat and small table Baccarat are basically the same. However, if you choose video Poker, you will have many variations to choose from. Besides that, there are a lot of choices when it comes to the choices of pay tables. You can choose to play video Poker with wild cards or not.

Huge Prizes

In baccarat, the highest paying wager is the tie bet which pays 8 to 1 on a number of online baccarat tables. There are places where it may pay 9 to 1. The return to player percentage is so bad when it comes to the tie bet in Baccarat which is why you should avoid it. The second best is the banker bet which pays 1 to 1 and 95 to 1 and it includes the commission. All this means you will have higher prizes when you play video Poker.

The Strategy is Easy

The strategy of video Poker is very easy compared to the strategy of Baccarat. You can easily get a video Poker strategy chat.

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