5 Reasons to Build Your Own Computer

Building your own computer is not as hard as it seems. There are a lot of guides and videos out there that can aid you in the process. A lot of people are turned off from buying their own desktop computer because they think it is difficult or do not find it to be convenient.

It is true, you might run into a problem here or there, and it might take you some time, but it is far from difficult, and it is not much of an inconvenience.

To start off, building your own computer is cheaper than buying a computer at similar specs. Oftentimes, building your own tower will be fifty percent less expensive. If you could build your own for £800, you might find a similar specification, prebuilt tower for £1,200. For many people, saving a few pounds is worthwhile. Imagine saving £400!

Besides saving money, the PC you build will be more powerful than the prebuilt computers that are in the same price range. Without going into specifics about the CPUs, the GPUs, the hard drives, etc., it’s important to know, if you build a computer for £800, or buy a prebuilt computer for £800, the one you build will be significantly faster. This is because computers are sold at a higher rate than their individual components.

Another great reason for building your own computer is that you can customize it. If you want a specific part, you can build around that part. If you want neon lights on the case’s inside, you can attach them in there. If you want a specific case, say a rainbow case, or a case from your favourite show, you can probably find one. It is important to know, not all the components you want might work together. If you find a case you really love, you will need to make sure it has enough slots for your fans and enough space for your GPU.

Besides, it being cheaper, being more powerful, and allowing customization, another reason is that it is a fun and learning experience. Whether you are in school or have been out of school for fifty years, learning and creating something is always fun. Building a PC allows you to work with your hands, to use your brain to problem solve and troubleshoot. It allows you to think on the task and focus on only the task. It is a good way to be absorbed in the moment, not thinking about your other problems in life.

Lastly, you can upgrade your custom-built computer far more than you would be able to if you bought it prebuilt. If you want to upgrade your GPU, CPU, hard drive, or ram stick because you finally have some money, you can. If it is compatible with your other parts. Remember that. If you bought a prebuilt, you could only upgrade so much. Say, the ram sticks or the hard drive. And, with a prebuilt, the cases are awfully specific to what can go inside them.

As a bonus, there is another reason. If you are a parent, it will allow you to bond with your kid. If he or she wants a prebuilt computer, you can attack the task together. It will help your kid see that you do care. It will also help you become closer because working in a team brings us together. You will have more knowledge about the things he or she loves, and you will be able to converse with them better.

Remember, if you need a new desktop tower, think of the five reasons why you should build your own. Cheaper, more powerful, fun, learning experience, customization, and it is upgradable.

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