Why More Businesses Today are Opting for Remanufactured Laptops

As a business owner or manager, you are in charge of making sure that your staff has all the equipment they need to perform their various functions. And one of the most vital pieces of equipment your staff needs is, of course, a computer or laptop. But as a business manager or owner, you also want to make sure that you can save on costs if you can whilst not compromising quality. So, what are your options when it comes to computer and laptop equipment for your employees? It may be a surprise for you to know that there are now more businesses which choose remanufactured or refurbished laptops over new ones, and they are doing this for a lot of great reasons. Want to know more about why remanufactured laptops are a brilliant deal? Here’s why more businesses are opting for remanufactured laptops today.

  • The price

There’s no denying the fact that price is one big factor why businesses are choosing remanufactured laptops over new laptops. In fact, the price of a remanufactured laptop can often be 50 to 70% less than a new laptop, with the same features and specifications and a wholly new look and feel as well. Buying remanufactured laptops makes better sense if you want to save money, and it’s an even better option if you have to buy more than a few laptops for your employees since you can save more. And even if the computer is ‘older’ per se, it will still have a lot of capability – perhaps even more capability than its users will really need. Even the most standard laptop will have, for instance, capabilities for word processing, viewing images, browsing the Internet, making Excel sheets, and more.

  • The ease and convenience

The fact is that even new computers or laptops may have issues even after a few months, and it can be difficult to have them repaired. But remanufactured laptops go through a stringent process of remanufacturing and refurbishment, which means that they are thoroughly checked and parts and components which may be defective or are not working well are replaced. Also, reliable and reputable remanufactured laptop suppliers who specialise in remanufactured laptops for sale often make sure that the laptop comes with a Microsoft Certificate of Authenticity, just as if they were brand new. This means that the laptop is already pre-installed with its own Microsoft OS, and it will also have access to downloads, enhanced features, and updates from the operating system. Remanufactured laptops also have chassis or outer casings which are fully restored, contributing to their ‘good as new’ look and feel.

  • You don’t need to pay for things you won’t use or need

Honestly speaking, the main differences between new laptops or computers and used laptops and computers are merely faster processing speeds, better graphics, and increased RAM. But whilst these improvements may seem attractive, especially for those who are really looking for highly advanced laptops and computers, the ordinary user doesn’t need all these. About 75% of users don’t even require such advanced features, so why should you pay a lot more for features that you won’t really make use of or need? Additionally, many remanufactured laptops already have antivirus and office software already installed, and this means extra savings for you as well.

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