Save Time, Gain Money Using Advanced Auto-trading Technologies

Taking a coffee break may feel like an impossible task when you’re glued to a computer screen making sure you don’t miss out on a great trading opportunity. So, how do top stock traders seem to seamlessly balance daily tasks and make sure they’re performing the best trades possible? The answer is simple (and doesn’t require that much effort on your part) – Automated Trading Systems (ATS). In the US alone, more than 75 percent of stocks traded in the last 3 years used an ATS. Take a cue from the top players and finally stop sleeping with one eye on a screen!

How to multi-task like a pro

It doesn’t matter if this is your first rodeo or your 100th, Automated Trading offers an awesome way to easily reach across multiple trading platforms, taking the headache out of trading stocks, foreign exchange products, and more. You may hear them referred to by a bunch of different names, including mechanical trading systems or algorithmic trading – don’t let that confuse you! Regardless of what someone decides to call it, it’s still the same time and stress saving tool. Advanced automated trading systems allow users to trade even when they’re not next to their computer, freeing up time to focus on other daily activities. Trades can be made in the middle of the night or while you’re taking the dog on a walk – no hour is off limits!

Using an ATS is a truly empowering tool, given how user friendly they tend to be. You no longer need to rack your brain over your next move. Quickly create and program the rules and guidelines each of your trades will automatically run. This helps spread out risk when trades are simultaneously ran through multiple accounts or strategies. An ATS is also a good way to manage your portfolios (we’re looking at you automatically generated protective precautions).

Stay on top of your game

The sad truth is that no one can always win, but you can greatly reduce your chances of taking a loss by keeping to a well thought out, consistent and diverse trade plan. Using an Automated Trading System is the top way to achieve this without breaking a sweat. They allow you to stick to a well-processed plan that reduces risk and plays by the rules (this is a good thing!). They also help diversify your trading plan, letting you reach exponentially farther than any person could without computerized help.

Learn from the best

Wherever you are with your knowledge of the market, platforms like AvaTrade UK can provide you with tons of automated trading tools and “advanced auto-trading algorithms” that allow you to focus more on winning than on figuring out the next step in the equation. There is no shame in copying the movements of those that have been in the game much longer than you have. Professional traders’ signals and strategies are easy to copy and learn from using tools like Mirror Trader. Using a tool like ZuluTrade is also a great way turn professional traders’ recommendations into commands to be carried out on your account – automatically, of course! These customizable auto-trading tools let you trade like a pro and also help beginners overcome any learning curves they may be facing.

If you want to be on top of your game, using Automated Trading Systems are your best and smartest bet. You’ll have an arsenal of tools that traditional methods of trading are incapable of providing. If you want to be successful but also have a little more time to relax, Automated Trading Systems are your golden ticket!

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