Games For The Month of August

The Month of August 2017 has been packed with new awesome game releases.  Let’s do a rundown on some of the cool games released so far. These games include Cities: Skylines and Night trap 25th Anniversary Edition

Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines is an adventurous game for players with the desire to build their own dream city. Players start from a stage of city planning, urban zoning, road construction, city management, infrastructure development and transportation. Cities: Skylines game challenge is based on the ability to maintain or govern the player’s city.  Players work towards managing city factors like waste management, employment, health, traffic, basic sanitation, city pollution levels and budgets. The player begins by surveying and plotting the area where the city is going to be built on.

The player then add roads, schools, police stations, fire fighters departments, hospitals, power, water, sewerage residential and commercial areas. Different transport systems are constructed to manage city traffic flow. For instance, roads differ in width depending with area; freeways are wide to cater for large traffic volumes. The player is required to manage all the factors to score points. This game demands high levels of skill and strategy. It is just like an online casino real money game but without the real jackpots. Cities: Skylines runs on different platforms such as Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Night Trap

Night trap 25th Anniversary edition is a fascinating action horror game that many players will fall in love with. The first Night Trap game was released in 1992, the game developers are celebrating their 25th Anniversary with a new game. Night Trap is about a member of a Sega Control Attack Team (player) and the rescue of five young girls. These girls are spending their weekend at an estate and the house is invaded by vampires. The player’s mission is to monitor using hidden cameras and catch these vampires by setting traps. If the player fails to catch them, the young girls are killed. Night Trap is supported on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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