How to Set Up a Quality Speaker System Properly

Listening to music on quality speakers can truly change the life of any music lover, particularly one who has grown accustomed to inferior quality systems. The depth and richness of the sound imparted by a quality speaker system is without comparison. The experience is comparable to that of being completely surrounded by sound on all sides. It takes a certain level of quality to truly experience an immersive environment; this is just as true for music fans as it is for gamers and other audio enthusiasts.

The Advantages of Speakers over Headphones

Headphone fans are quick to tout the benefits of their focused stereo sounds over those of any speaker arrangement. Their points are not without merit; with headphones, one hears the intended left and right channels in the appropriate ears, instead of simply hearing both channels in both ears all of the time. Additionally, with headphones, there is much less of a distraction from other sounds in the immediate environment.

When one is mobile, on the go, or otherwise listening to audio in public, headphones definitely have their place, but most of the key points in favor of headphones can be balanced out by proper speaker arrangement. In return, one gets fuller, richer depth of sound, without many of the purported drawbacks associated with using speakers.

  • With desktop speakers, position the devices 18 to 32 inches away from your head, depending upon personal preference. This will help to balance ambient environmental sounds with your music or gaming audio. At the same time, you won’t be completely unaware of your surrounding environment.
  • Avoid angling your speakers excessively. Try to position them so they’re straight on, nearly parallel to your position. If you were to draw a line through the air in the direction in which either speaker is pointed, you wouldn’t want the two lines to cross in front of you. This can be adjusted for personal preference.
  • Regardless of what type of device or system you’re using, make sure you use the best quality sound system you can comfortably afford. Lower quality makes for a less enjoyable experience; as with so many things, the more you can invest into it, the more you’ll get out of it in return.

What Makes a High Quality Speaker System?

In simple terms, the best speakers are those which reproduce the broadest range of sounds with the greatest accuracy. The more accuracy, the better the speaker (see here for the best floor standing speakers); the broader its range of accurately produced sound is, the more it conveys subtle nuances and small details. These are things that often escape direct notice, but are picked up subconsciously regardless.

There are a wide range of factors which go into the quality of a speaker, as well as considerable debate over whether the overall quality of a speaker can be measured purely through accurate reproduction of sound. Some experts argue that it’s only possible to measure whether a speaker’s sound is flat, or dynamic—and, if it is dynamic, how far from flat it is.

“Flat,” in this case, is more desirable: it represents a speaker which has the least amount of sound distortion across a wide range of frequencies.

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