Industrial Mining, How It Has Been Made Techier Than Ever 

Technology is rapidly helping to evolve the construction sector, and this is also the case when it comes to industrial mining. One of the main reasons for this is that mining sites and companies are wanting to improve their productivity, cost savings and safety advancements, while helping to improve the economy of the mining. Global mining productivity has been declining over the past few years, across the entire industry, and it will be down to digital and technological innovations to help transform key aspects of mining in order to produce a fundamental shift in both safety and value in the mining sector.


Automation in mining is already happening and the likelihood is this is only going to increase in commercial use. This will not only help to improve safety but also help to streamline operations, making a mining operation more productive and cost-efficient. Although some miners may be concerned about their jobs being at risk because of this rise in technology in the field, this automation of machinery will actually help to improve their jobs, as they will end up working in remote operation centres rather than on the field at risk of accident. Man-operated jaw crushers will soon become a thing of the past with new innovations producing more efficient capabilities. Advances in autonomous equipment will help to make the mining process more efficient and affordable, and aspects such as artificial intelligence is helping to increase the intelligence and capabilities of robotic equipment, allowing them to take complete hold of most mining processes.

Analytics & Intelligence

A growth and advancement in analytics will help complex mining tasks to be carried out quickly and easily with statistical algorithms. Complex mining tasks such as geological modelling, on-the-day scheduling and predictive maintenance can be carried out efficiently through advanced analytics and intelligence. This may also help to provide a deeper understanding of the resource base, as statistics can help to make sense of exploration data to help when it comes to optimising drill and blast patterns and creating an executable mine plan. Not only will this help with the job in hand, it will also be cost-efficient and result in higher levels of productivity.

More Advanced Equipment

One of the main reasons how the industrial mining industry is being made techier than ever is through an advancement in the digital innovations of equipment. Drills, bits and crushers are all being made more efficient, cost-effective and easy to use, alongside the automation process of this machinery, this can really help to improve a mining sites’ outcome. With this technology, wastage will be reduced and the equipment will help to provide an even more optimum outcome.


Drones and other forms of technology can help to monitor real-time performance, in order to accurately predict time frames and outcomes. Knowing every piece of equipment at every second, and real-time insights will allow operations to have more advanced performance management. With this, decision making can be improved, and real-time responses can help to improve output, while improving safety and ensuring low operating costs.


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