5 of the Best Games Featuring Animals

The UK is renowned as a nation of animal lovers, particularly when it comes to dogs and cats. This passion for animals has been translated into popular culture, from television and movies to video games.

More recently, we have also seen a rise in the number of animal-themed online games, across PC platforms and online casinos. These are usually free-to-access and offer a host in-game purchase options, while they tend to be incredibly fun, interactive and immersive.

5 of the Best Games Featuring Animal Themes and Characters

The sheer range of animal games available is vast, however, meaning that it can be difficult to select your favourites. Here are our top five picks from the current selection: –

5. Sushi Cat

GN-Sushi Cat

Our lead character is an extremely cute but insecure cat, who thinks he is too small to achieve his goals in life. This is before he discovers sushi, however, and your task as a player is to fill him with his favourite dish to ensure that he can grow in size! You will probably get a taste for sushi too while enjoying this breathtakingly simple game!

4. Penguin Vacation

The Penguin Vacation is a popular online slot game that is one of Playtech’s cutest and most engaging titles, as you join the lead character and his family on their holiday. The game has a host of delightful features and diversity too, while there are 20 reels, multiple bonuses and a host of lucrative multipliers!

3. Rocket Panda

GN-Rocket Panda

From penguins to pandas, out next game is fast, furious and exceptionally exciting! It is also vaguely Japanese, as you take your opportunity to strap rocket packs on bears, fly through visually stunning lands and enjoy delicious biscuits (with green tea, course). Not for the feint-hearted, this is truly a game that players of all ages can enjoy!

2. Challenge Accepted

We now return to more domesticated animals, with cats starring in the fascinating Challenge Accepted game. Take on multiple challenges with your cat character has you progress through video game-style levels, and be prepared to show fast hands and fingers if your are to succeed and conquer the world.

1. Panda’s Big Adventure

GN-Pandas Big Adventure

At number one is our favourite, snarky creature in the whole of the gaming realm. Panda’s Big Adventure sees this lovable character embark on a creative and inspiring adventure, in a title that combines fun, excitement and surprisingly sharp dialogue. Particularly suitable for older players, this provides a fun experience that is hard to beat!


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