News Links April 5 2016


How the biggest data leak in history happened –
Terrabytes of data related to shady tax-evading businesses came from a single person who used increased protection to hide his or her identity and to siphon a large amount of data. Here’s how it happened. Why is the leak important? Because it exposes public figures around the world from China, to Russia and the Prime Minister of Iceland.

Samsung unveils Family Hub Refrigerator
Samsung has unveiled a high-tech refrigerator that could become the most important appliance in your entire home. If you need to replace your refrigerator, you can comfortably check your prices from trusted
electrical appliance stores

Play the original ‘Legend of Zelda’ in 3D on your browser for free
The classic game was ported to the browser using javascript. Play on the PC or your mobile device!  (via BGR)

Electrical stimulation of deep brain structures to ease chronic pain
By electrically stimulating a deep, middle brain structure, researchers have managed to block pain signals at the spinal cord level without drug intervention. The process also triggers the release of beneficial dopamine, which may reduce the emotional distress associated with long-term pain. (via r/science)


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