Google Employee Develops DIY Android-Powered First Prototype Bathroom Mirror

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A Googler has come up with an Android-powered bathroom mirror to offer data, time and weather along with some news headlines, to let others consider it an early prototype of a Google Now mirror.

It is a two-way mirror equipped with a controller board, a display panel components, arts and crafts supplies, a power button, a controller board and some more including Amazon Fire stick. It has clean, minimalist UI.

Creator Max Braun, an engineer at Google, is learned to spend spare time in productive ways instead of simply watching television on the couch. This time he spent the time building his own smart bathroom mirror, and the output looks real amazing.

His project is not yet complete. Braun is still adding more useful things to it such as traffic conditions and reminders. Moreover, the display is not interactive as of now to which the creator points idea of the mirror is to pull relevant data automatically similar to what Google Now does and for another things the voice search is always there.

Braun adds the setup of his creation is very simple and the fancy two-way mirror is just a regular display though it is the most expensive part of the whole thing. However, it also depends on how big the display one wants and from where to source. Some may end up spending a thousand dollars buying it and others may get it in just a few hundred bucks. Even the $50 Fire tablets can be sourced.

Apart from all these, it is worth here to know this is the first Do It Yourself (DIY) smartmirror that has come across. There are tons of information online how to build your own smartmirror. There are several guides, Reddit threads and dedicated apps too for developing one such at home without the need to hire any expert. Braun too has promised to post a how-to soon.

In a blog post the Googler said he wanted to have smart mirror for his bathroom but he couldn’t find anyone selling one such stuff. However, individual parts were easily available in the market and so he started placing orders for those and building it himself.

Braun writes further he initially tried to build the smart mirror with Chromecast and then with Nexus Player, but at last he was satisfied using Fire TV Stick. The prototype is still a work in progress.

Well, the creation is a real cool thing if you imagine a world where you get all the important updates and information while brushing your teeth. Several similar experiments are on-going and soon one may be available in the market for us for ready-to-use while believing something more can be done in bathroom.

Not to forget here, in 2014 two similar experiments had hit headlines on technology news websites. One was magic mirror powered by Raspberry Pi and the other was eBay’s magic mirror shopping technology.

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4 thoughts on “Google Employee Develops DIY Android-Powered First Prototype Bathroom Mirror”

  1. Remember in 2012 a Japanese company Seraku exhibited a smart mirror based on Android System, however they didn’t production it at the end. Panasonic also has the similar product and the price is 38,000USD, but their main target is rehabilitation center not mass market. Pricey seems to be the biggest issue for smart mirror, thinking about who wants to pay 38,000usd just for a mirror?
    even it’s smart. Really hope this new smart mirror could coming out soon with a reasonable price! From:

  2. I think Catherine is right. A mirror can have a multi function to utilize but if the cost is so much higher then it can afford only rich people, isn’t it? This mirror is pretty cool but not for me I think. Anyway thanks for post and thanks Catherine to emphasis that issue.

  3. I would like to myself such a mirror in the bathroom. Just imagine how interesting experience will be in the bathroom, even shaving will be more fun. The guys did an excellent job.

  4. This is really great idea. I like mirror in my bathroom. It’s looking so funny and beautiful. Your post is very beautiful and helpful information full. Thank you for share such a great post.

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