Why Being a Geek is Profitable

Why Being a Geek is Profitable

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In this age of modern technology the world has not only become smaller, but it’s now more accessible.

The latest smartphones now bring a world of digital possibilities into every aspect of your life. From managing your money to making money and even locking the doors in your house, technology has made it possible to do much more and it will continue to do so until every developer decides to pack up their bags and retire to the Caribbean.

However, in among making life more bearable, technology has also made being a geek cool. If you’re the owner of the latest iPhone or a wizard on the internet you’re now a veritable hero and, with this elevated status, there comes an ability to make money.

Live Streams Making Geeks See Stars

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While geeks were once maligned and confined to office jobs out of public sight, the modern geek has now been thrust into the limelight. Although not quite global rock stars, geeks are the elite of some industries and these industries are now peeking into the mainstream thanks, in part, to the internet.

Live streaming platforms such as Twitch have turned humble gamers into millionaires and aspiring geeks into bastions of “cool”. So, how exactly can geeks turn their passion for all things alternative into a money-making proposition?

The most obvious avenue for geeks to make money is professional gaming. E-sports and the rise of Twitch have made it possible for top gamers to make huge amounts of money as well as gain fame and notoriety. Professional contests, daily streams and sponsorship from major tech companies means the gamers are now in a position where they can profit from their minds.

Casino Gamers Showing You the Ropes

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Building on this industry, many gamers from the other end of the playing spectrum are now starting to make their mark on the world. Thanks to Twitch, it’s now possible for fans of games such as blackjack to ante-up at the new online casino, Get Lucky, and beam their exploits to thousands. Of course, when it comes to beating the house, geeks have always had an edge.

The MIT blackjack team famously used its mathematical prowess to overcome the odds and win millions from live casinos around the world and now today’s online geeks are doing the same. Virtual platforms such as Get Lucky not only have digital games of blackjack and roulette available from as little as $0.10, but they also have live dealer games.

Through a combination of webcams and RFID chips, players can now log into Get Lucky and interact with a real dealer located in a remote venue. This set-up has not only made it easier for skilled players to employ strategies such as card counting, but it has made the game much more entertaining. The net result of this is a more engaging Twitch stream for those who want to use their brains to make some money.

More Gaming Options for Geeks

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Indeed, this trend for streaming live casino games via Twitch has also spread into the poker community. Today when you visit the platform you’ll find a plethora of talented online poker players showing their viewers how to raise, bluff and rake chips in like a pro.

Modern technology has essentially made places such as the Internet a playground for modern entertainment and that’s allowed geeky activities such as gaming to flourish. Regardless of whether it’s someone playing Call of Duty or a blackjack player making moves on Get Lucky Casino, this form of online entertainment is now all the rage and that means geeks like you can make a packet without even having to go outside.

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