To cash out or not to cash out: The mechanics of online betting


by  Images_of_Money 

The mechanics of betting has changed in the modern era. Whilst punters may have previously visited their local bookmakers to place their wager, many opt to place bets online rather than attend the offline establishments. Convenience and accessibility has played a huge role in the swing to online betting, but so have the promotions and bonuses that can be found online. Most importantly, most online bets allow punters the opportunity to cash out their bet midway through, settling the bet and taking a portion of the potential winnings.

Cash out has become increasingly popular on accumulator style bets. Many punters choose to take the money on accumulators as the likelihood of each team holding on for the victory in a five, six or seven-fold can be slim. Accumulators allow players to win larger sums of money from smaller stakes but require every club included in the bet to win. For example, if a user backed four nations to win matches in international betting markets, then they would have the opportunity to cash out midway through the bet or to leave it to run its course.

Many people have trouble deciding whether to cash out or to let their bet run and potentially claim a higher portion of winnings. The cash out opportunity will present players with a mere fraction of the odds, however, customers must weigh up the potential risk of letting an accumulator run as well as the upside of winnings. For example, if you place a fourfold and three of those teams are winning 2-0 but the fourth team is 1-0 up but are playing with 10 men and they are under severe pressure, it may be wise to cash out and take a cut of the earnings. After all, some winnings is better than no winnings. Some people often take to social media pages, such as @FootyAccums, to ask advice and other fellow punters for their thoughts on what to do.

Ashley Tyler (@ash_tyler1991)

Furthermore, punters often decide to stagger kick-off times in accumulators. This is a decision that allows people more time to decide if they would like to cash out or ‘let it ride’. Some people still have their doubts about cashing out and many question whether it is worth the money. If you have risked a small stake, is it worth cashing out for a small profit or should you be more tempted to let it ride and risk earning bigger winnings? It’s certainly a difficult call.

The staggered times often help users to decide but that doesn’t necessarily mean they make the correct choice. For larger stakes, the temptation to cash out becomes greater as the cash out value is ultimately much higher. This season, plenty of punters will be celebrating profit throughout the upcoming football season and you can expect Ian Beale to appear all over social media as people boast about their success.

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