News For Geeks: 4/20/09

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In the gadget world, rumors are swirling again over the new Sidekick from T-Mobile. This time the rumor comes complete with a memo from a T-Mobile employee who anonymously reveals, among other things, it’ll have a swivel screen. <golf clap>. It’ll also have Exchange/Activesync e-mail support, I’m sure the IT Pros are going to love having to support “yet one more enterprisey phone that opens a hole in their network”.

I for one still heart my Pantech duo, a dual-slider phone that gives me both the candy bar style I prefer, with the wide qwerty keyboard for those times I get a hankering to work on my novel or send a lengthy SMS.

Elsewhere in gadgetland, the US military enlists the iPod Touch for the battlefield environment. Its application support just rocks my socks, and apparently the Army’s as well. Ever since the Zune worldwide meltdown of Dec 31, 2008, I’ve been cursing my brown 30G Zune. I’ve been waiting for one more issue to appear with my player make me an iPod Touch owner. The recent release of Blizzard’s Mobile Logon Authenticator just about sent me over the edge towards making the switch because it was made available only for the iPhone/iPod.

In Science news, amid a great budget crunch to get the ISS complete, the Shuttle’s fate nears point of no return. Can you believe that the original design for the Shuttle originated during the Nixon administration? It’s time to end of life this pig and move on.

A doctor contends that if the 16th President of the US hadn’t been assassinated 144 years ago he would have been dead from cancer within the year. He wants’ a piece of the prez’ bloody pillow case and he intends to prove his theory through DNA analysis. Where’s the ACLU and why aren’t they in pit bull mode over this invasion of privacy?

Last in Science news is that apparently keeping slim is good for the planet. Or so say some serious scientists. Since I need to lose weight I should be supplementing my lifestyle changes with cardio workouts to get the pounds off; that means more CO2 generated. Question: Is the planet better off with me not contributing more to the problem or getting slim and trim? I’m too tired to figure out the math on this one.

In Internet & Software news, Adobe is trying to take Television to the next level and announces Flash for TVs. God help us.

Washington, DC will be the 1st US city to get free mobile TV. Broadcasts take place this summer by the five major networks nbc, cbs, fox, pbs, abc. Do we not watch enough TV already that the coalition for mobile video has to try and shove it down society’s throat?

Bonus internet news: Oprah gets pwned by Shaq on Twitter. HAHAHAHAHA!

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