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Here’s an interesting website I came across a few days ago, called Wix.  It’s one of the many flavors of free website builders you can find out there in the interweb.  I found this one to be simpler and more intuitive to use in many ways, than the other builders I have attempted to use in the past.  After signing up for a free account, you can have a functioning website setup in less than ten minutes.  After spending some time on it, I managed to create a website using one of Wix’s premade templates that looked nearly professional enough to use mainstream!

Check it out and have fun.  If you make a website, tell us about it here, and maybe we’ll give you some exposure :)  Cheers!

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23 thoughts on “Wix Website Builder”

  1. Has anyone responded with their experience with Wix? I too have run across it and find it very interesting.

  2. Hi all,
    I have been trying wix and building some websites and i think the amont of free effect and simplicity tht it brings to build website is amazing..

    bad tht its not totally free. do you know any toold would do the same offline mode?

  3. I agree that it is a pity not being totally free, I would prefer a system whereby you make your own site and then get the source code at the end to host where you please.

  4. Hi, I just started using Wix and love it. I just published my website, but am still trying to work out a few kinks until it’s perfect (in my mind). I would appreciate any exposure to my site that you could give. Thanks! 🙂

  5. Hi Jules!

    Your website looks great! Very professional!

    Hey has anyone used that free wix ads removal thing? sounds dodgy to me love some feedback..

  6. I have used the ad removal website. I thought it looked kind of sketchy too.

    But I’ve used it twice now and the results are perfect. They would appreciate donations, but it’s free. I’d rather make a large donation for them to show me how to do it, but they haven’t gotten back to me on that.

  7. hey so what is the amount you have to pay, i have read it is not totally free. what is this charge. any comments would be amazing. Thanks Dorian

  8. They were fairly easy to use, but if you cancel, keep track of your credit card. They like to keep billing over and over again.. Run away from this one..

  9. Hey guys,

    thanks for your help, I’ve actually just kept it with ads, too scared to cut corners and the site is doing ok so far.

    Did a cool lil thing this week, i added a ‘flashcheck’ the landing page, so ppl on iphones and other anti-flash mediums can still see the old page.

    It’s really helpful for WIX sites, as they are great & rich when they work but some computers and phones just wont show them.

    Checkout my code at http://www.clubdj.net.au

    Just do the good old ‘view page source’ and look at the first ‘script’


  10. hey dose any one know how to get my site off there server like if i ever wanted to switch hosting companies as wix dose not allow you to add banners or buttons from pay pal sitee by htlm code i have already spent a week builing it and dont want to start over on another website builder

  11. I think that Wix is a really great tool for the non coder to create a good looking website, of course if you want the extras you are going to have to fork over a little bit of money……

  12. I built our salon website on Wix. The service is free, and I already had a domain name, so there was no charge to transfer that. If you don’t have a domain already, you can get one through wix for a reasonable price including the hosting. We opted to pay for a Premium service that removes ads & the Wix logo. We chose this because our local competitor’s sites need a major upgrade & we’re keeping wix a secret from them as long as we can! We also have a flash-free mobile site that is offered totally free from wix as well! Love WIX!

  13. Terri,

    Nice of u to give wix such a plug, so which department of wix do you work for? Ur keeping it a secret, but you plug each and every bit of it like a salesmen.

    Flash is so 2008, HTML 5 is way of the future and the wix sites don’t work on iPhones which over 30% of people now use to look up stuff.

    Wix salesman fail

  14. I’ve been using wix for over two years. I love, love love the builder and wish so badly I could buy the building interface to host my sites myself…mostly because they do not offer email hosting. For businesses this is a big deal, because the client I’m building for still has to purchase separate email hosting in order to have their own domain name email address.

    If Wix was available as a purchasable download, I would JUMP on it to buy. Love it!.

    Now for some techical questions. It is easy to build with once you learn the ropes. Everything is gui and ready for you to just point and click. Once you choose an element, you just click it to edit it. They offer built in background gradients and professional stock photos so you do not have to have any professional photography or graphics creation ability to have a site that shows BOTH. Fantastic.

    I can now create a 5 page website in about 2 hours with ‘ooos and aaahhhhs’ from clients due to the flash functions that give a site its pop and professional feeling.

    I highly recommend Wix either for a free amazing site or a paid hosting amazing site. Either way, you won’t find a better user friendly builder that gives you this much bang for your buck. I’ve tried many others and keep coming back.

  15. I’ve been using WIX for the past year. I have an e-commerce site which I pay approx. $20/mo for. I had no experience in website building prior to building this site. I have done a lot of tweaking and a lot of research to figure out what everything means! I am currently trying to find out how to change the 404 status codes so that McAfee SiteAdvisor can verify my site. All in all I like the versatility that WIX offers, however for an e-commerce site there is a bit lacking. There is currently no inventory option, so once a person buys a product I have to manually delete it, that is very time consuming and aggravating. Also, there is currently no option to offer coupon codes to my customers. Hopefully WIX will improve these things in the near future. I agree with above, it would be great if I could move the website elsewhere but that is also not an option.

  16. I used wix to create my website and I think it’s great. I really had no clue what I was doing at first but now I have my store set up and it works really well 🙂

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