WoW GM Gets Teen Arrested

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The World of Warcraft GMs are watching and listening to you on their servers to help maintain fair and quality play, but in a recent incident the GM’s role went above and beyond. As learned from Loot Ninja today, a teenager was chatting with a WoW GM online recently and the teen made suicidal comments in an effort to play on the GM’s sympathies hoping to get some loot.

A 17-year-old Fairfield Twp. teen pretended to be suicidal when he became frustrated with an online video game, Fairfield Twp. police reported.

The teen…typed that "he was suicidal and that the game is the only thing he has to live for," according to the report.

The company representative called 911.

The GM did the smart thing and called the cops in the off-chance the kid was truly suicidal, so of course the police and paramedics show up at the young man’s home.

The juvenile told police it was a joke "to try to get what he wanted for the game," according to the report. He was then handcuffed and placed in a patrol car.

Isn’t this just sad?

Let’s hope the young man has learned his lesson that you have to work and invest something of yourself to get ahead in the world, that part of growing up is trying and failing, learning from your errors and growing from it. But it really seems that this teen’s attempt at ‘pity loot’ is a classic symptom of the typical "Trophy Kids" (aka "Generation Y") that have been raised to think everyone is a winner and even losers deserve a trophy.

Well, the loser of this story has won himself a minor criminal record.

The news article originates from the Middletown Journal and has the full story.

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16 thoughts on “WoW GM Gets Teen Arrested”

  1. We’re in agreement, the Blizzard employee did what I would expect them to do in this situation and should be commended. The parents are somewhat responsible for how a child behaves and learns how to interact with society.

  2. I agree that it was a stupid thing for the kid to do, and the GM was in the right to call the cops, but was it really necessary to arrest the kid? It’s not like he made a prank call to the police on his own.

  3. Good question Sean, now that you bring it up I think taking him to the hospital for a quick psyche eval to be on the safe side probably makes more sense.

  4. Well committing suicide is a serious crime (yes it is illegal), and by telling the blizzard employee he was going to do so, he leaves the employee with no other choice than to contact the authorities, so basicly this brat wastes resources, and I think it is important to signal you can’t just joke around with that serious matters.

  5. Cool article, thanks for the lesson pops. It was so obviously not real but now, thanks to some idiot admin on a game that thinks WoW is serious business, he has a criminal record. Nice work Sherlock, you solved the case yet again!

    Your complaint about Generation Y is that we have a sense of humour and don’t take computer games and what is said on them that seriously?

  6. wyjyn you just dont get it
    has got nothing to do with a game being serious business or not
    he has every right to report someone who jokes/ is real about something like that because he doesnt know if its real or not and there are plenty of people who killed them self over a game
    so it is you who is the idiot

  7. You do realize that the GM probably didn’t have a choice about reporting it right? What do you think he can do? Just assume the kid is joking? What if the kid did kill himself, then the news makes a giant article about it, and Blizzard gets shit for not addressing it.

    Use your brain before speaking child.

  8. Yeah, let’s believe everything people say. So if someone on a street corner says the world is ending, I will believe them and behave accordingly. If it doesn’t end, sue. There are cases where things can be taken way out of hand, this is one of them.

    However, its not so much the matter that the GM called but that the police arrested him and he has a criminal record. You all honestly don’t see how ridiculous this is?

    Imagine you are in a conversation with the GM, it goes as follows:

    Person:”hey, give me gear!”
    GM: “No”
    Person:”aww man, I swear if you dont give me epic gear item #5 I will kill myself”
    GM: *rings police*

    That is absolutely absurd. I wouldnt be able to get through a week without multiple court cases. Funnily enough, the guy is probably more likely to kill himself over all the fuss created by this event and the criminal record he now has. Once again, good job people, good job.

  9. “… but was it really necessary to arrest the kid? It’s not like he made a prank call to the police on his own.”

    I know. I don’t think the police had to be so over-dramatic. For crying out loud… he got a criminal record. The kid shouldn’t have done what he did, but I just lost a bunch of respect for the person that decided he should be arrested.

  10. So, what was he charged with?

    I don’t understand how he could have been arrested. Attempted Suicide? No. Public Mischief? Maybe?

  11. the writer of the artical is a freaking idiot because “Let’s hope the young man has learned his lesson that you have to work and invest something of yourself to get ahead in the world, that part of growing up is trying and failing, learning from your errors and growing from it.” <—– idiot obviously u have no clue of what ninja looting is… he the kid is a idiot for talking about suicide but your stupid too.

  12. The majority of people that commit suicide say they are going to do it. Usually in a casual/joking manner. The Gm did the correct thing in reporting it. The complaint about Gen Y is that most are raised by parents who don’t give a damn about raising their children to be responsible members of society. (Yes, I am Gen Y)

  13. Wyjyn,

    it wasn’t him just saying I’m going to kill myself without that T5 gear. he said he was suicidal and the game was the only thing worth living for. A random “oh man, I”m going to kill myself” isn’t going to get me riled up. But someone saying the only thing they lived for was the game would trip all kinds of alarms for me.

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