Thanks To Oprah, No Kindle For You


From the WSJ:

For the second holiday shopping season in a row, Inc.’s Kindle e-book reader is out of stock, and more of the devices won’t be available until mid-February, at the earliest.

Amazon thought it had plenty in stock, but then the most powerful person in book publishing intervened. In late October, Oprah Winfrey described it as her “favorite new gadget” on her TV show. And just as Ms. Winfrey’s reading selections turn no-name books into best sellers, the demand for Kindles soon overwhelmed Amazon

Originally met with a heavy dose of skepticism last year, the $350 e-book has quite a batting average right now is doing quite well thank you very much. My sister received one for her birthday recently and just fell in love with it.

While it hasn’t quite hit a home run with this clunky gadget, they have at least a standup double to its credit. Nice play Amazon.

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