Will Beyoncé Lasso the Role of Wonder Woman?

Beyonce - Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman the movie has been an on again, off again affair for Warner Bros since around 2001. It’s currently on again with a pair of writers assigned to the script but don’t anticipate seeing this flik on the big screen until 2011 at the earliest. You can keep abreast of WW movie news at IMDB’s news page dedicated to the superhero, but the latest and greatest news comes to us from the LA Times:

Beyoncé is ready for an Amazon-sized challenge — the pop superstar wants to be the first actress to wear Wonder Woman’s famed red, white and blue bathing suit on the silver screen.

“I want to do a superhero movie and what would be better than Wonder Woman? It would be great. And it would be a very bold choice. A black Wonder Woman would be a powerful thing. It’s time for that, right?”

I’m not a fan of the singer, not because I don’t care for her music but because I only know her by name and that’s it. But based on the comments from readers of the LAT article, I have to say that we may be better off considering someone else. Are those comments off base? Should I actually look forward to seeing her in that skimpy outfit and toting the lasso of truth?

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7 thoughts on “Will Beyoncé Lasso the Role of Wonder Woman?”

  1. RE: “And it would be a very bold choice. A black Wonder Woman would be a powerful thing. It’s time for that, right?””
    WRONG, first, it wouldn’t be “Wonder Woman”, it would be “Amazon” the amalgem crossover mix of wonder woman and storm of the xmen.
    which would be an interesting movie BUT IT WOULDN’T BE WONDER WOMAN”
    a black wonder woman would garentee the movie bombed no matter how good it was.
    just look at the Godzilla movie staring matthew broderick, jean reno and NOT FEATURING GODZILLA AT ALL! just some really cool giant monster impersonating godzilla.

  2. second, the one thing that destroys comic book and video game movies is drastic errors in continuity.
    sure the producers may think they are going to gain a wider audience by changing things to appeal to more diverse groups of people but all they really do is alienate the fans which causes a huge backlash which looses two paying customers for every non fan it brings in.

    look at comic book movies:
    catwoman: a black catwoman, no batman and no continuity
    = BOMB!
    spiderman: sticks close to continuity, making few well thought out changes
    Box office WIN!

    shoemocker batman:
    giant cod pieces
    =super bat-bomb
    1. close to relaunched continuity
    2. THE Ironman suit
    3. a rich alcoholic playing a rich alcoholic he looks like.
    4. black sabboth!
    =Box office Bonanza!

    get the picture yet?
    if you want to win, stick to CONTINUITY!
    otherwise, just send your movie directly to the bargin bin at the local Dollar store with all the other loser videos.

  3. I would sugest Katie Perry, she looks almost excatly like Wonder Woman. Although not sure if she can act.

  4. Honestly I could see. As wm but she have to really get up her acting chops.but she a good actress but have work hard to do this part.

  5. Honestly I could see b as wm but she would have to get up her acting chops but she is a good actress but would have to work hard to this kind of role.

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