What Kinds Of Poker Software Should I Use?

Editor’s Note: Today we have a special guest post from Jennifer Curtis. The topic is Poker software, I have to admit that I’m a horrible poker player and stand to learn something here. In fact, I’m one of the worst gamblers out there and when I’m in Vegas I stick to nothing more than quarter slots and set a limit of around $50 per day. Otherwise I’d be walking out without my shirt on and trust me, you don’t want to see that. 😉


It’s a commonly accepted fact of life in the 21st Century that there’s almost nothing that can be accomplished these days without the help of a software program. This general trend certainly applies if you choose to play online poker as much as any of life’s most important pursuits. With Internet poker becoming an increasingly popular diversion for gaming fans all over the world, a lot of people is realizing that they can use their computer for more than having fun at online casinos. In fact, there are a number of excellent software programs out there that can be used to have a tremendously positive impact on your own personal poker skills. Furthermore, many of these programs are designed in a way to make the use of them as much fun as it is educational. So without any further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best poker software available to the discerning consumer.

MNA Texas Hold’em Assistant – this program is noteworthy in that it is entirely web-based, so there’s no need to download anything. Designed to make the mastery of Hold’em attainable for all players, this killer program calculates the probabilities for all of the hands that can be produced from a combination of 2 hole cards and a flop, with additional options for the turn and river.

Pokenum: Poker Hand Analyzer – this is an invaluable aide for determining hand strength applying to Texas Hold’em, Stud and even Lowball. The software simulates many hands so you can figure out the winning percentage of your hand against others. You can even add more cards to the board and see how your strength changes as the board progresses.

Frugal Gambler Video Poker Teacher – this is a downloadable software program that easily teaches you to play video poker. It charts your winnings and loses so you can keep close track of the progress you are making. A review of these programs (representing only a small portion of all on the market) should give you a good idea of how much great poker software is out there. Stay updated to the latest poker news to find a program that delivers exactly the combination of features you are looking for.

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4 thoughts on “What Kinds Of Poker Software Should I Use?”

  1. This is such a strange and disappointing post.

    Initially when I saw that it was about poker software I assumed it was going to be a post about the various poker clients out there, the companies behind them and so on – i.e. software you use to play poker. Heck, the link to ‘poker software’ above goes to a page which is indeed just that – a list of the best clients to use (in dubious order).

    Instead we get a selection of very poor tools that you can use to generate a few stats. They are not really unique in any way, and there are much better tools available than those mentioned. As the post is geared towards linking to pokerlistings.com I thought they may go through some of the analysis tools that are listed on that site which are actually quite good – such as Poker Tracker.

    Finally, where are the links to the software? I’m sure the whole post is just for the sake of aiming traffic and particular keywords to pokerlistings.com – but there could at least be links to the software which is being ‘recommended’ here. Otherwise the user has to search for the sites themselves – and it’s not always clear where to go for the software.

    I play poker daily and was looking forward to the combination of ‘poker’ and ‘geek’ – very disappointed.

  2. You’re right, it does appear to leave a little too much left open or unanswered if you’re a poker player or have any kind of interest in the topic. I’m surprised to see a comment so quickly on this post, I’ve never really paid attention to poker sites before but this has me reconsidering its popularity.

    Based on the thoughtful comment and lesson learned, one thing I can try is to supplement the topic with more information soon.


  3. Geek News… Thanks for the attempt at writing a poker software blog entry.

    I just have a question… Why are you writing about something that you have no to little knowledge about? The whole idea behind writing a blog entry about something is to impart information or to help people.

    I also came to this blog thinking it would have something to say about the various programs out there that actually help analyse your game. Poker Tracker 3 is a great tool, and so is Calculatem, but I dont see anything about them or any others.

    Please can you give us some info on these and others programs?

  4. Hi Poker Buddy. You think that I wrote the article, though at the top of the post i alert the reader that I didn’t write the article and that’s it’s a guest post (that means someone else wrote it) and that i’m basically clueless when in comes to poker and gambling in general.

    Also, it’s not a paid post, either. Please, if you’re pretty knowledgeable on the topic I offer Geeknews as your vehicle to transfer that knowledge to the rest of the community.

    Feel free to contact me if you’re interested in providing more context. If you’re not interested, then thanks for your comments.


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