Get The 411 On Google

Get the dirt on your friends!  Find out where your spouse was last night!  Learn the true identity of the guy on the grassy knoll!  Oh wait…..uh, maybe that’s not right…  Let’s see here, oh yeah!  This new service on Google….Goog 411 is a FREE service available on any phone for locating people or businesses, and automatically connecting you.  Sweet!  I can tell you the $1.50 charges on my cell for using 411 through Verizon Wireless were killing me ;(  Yay for Google, and their ever-expanding reach into multiple genres!  Thanks Mom!

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2 thoughts on “Get The 411 On Google”

  1. Hey Patrick, just to let you know, that Google number only provides business listings. For business, gov’t, and residential listings, you’d have to go with 1-800-FREE411, which is as free as it sounds. A couple brief ads (10 seconds each) pay for the call. Also, we’ll text Mapquest driving directions to your cell.

  2. You are correct, even though it was my intention to imply you could locate people “through” businesses. I will be careful to word my statements more clearly in the future. Also, advertising your service through comments is not recommended. If you’d like some exposure on our blog, send us a mail and we can work something out.

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