Word of the Day: Negawatt

negawatt n

  1. A unit in watts of saved energy. [Wiktionary]
  2. “The saving of a megawatt of power by reducing consumption or increasing efficiency.” [from Sustainability Dictionary]


Coined by Amory Lovins, chairman of the Rocky Mountain Institute as a contraction of negative watt on the model of similar compounds like megawatt.

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4 thoughts on “Word of the Day: Negawatt”

  1. We all must have been reading the same adv. for a newsletter. It will probably take a lot more research than a simple computer search to find out the answer. Call your electrican maybe.

  2. We are a start up wind turbine company, with WT that start at 1.5kw. we need a
    complimentary box to work with us and to cut down the length of RoI. We have potential for a contract to start at 1,000 units, which will max out at about 40,000 units. We must save $100 per
    installation per month. bob lynch

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