Is Google a One-Trick Pony?

Microsoft Watch of all places has this article – Google Be Gone:

My colleague Clint Boulton asks, “Is Google a one-trick pony?” My answer: Google is a magician out of tricks. The magic is gone.

Example: That Youtube purchase? Not paying off. Plus it’s a huge lawsuit liability (re: Viacom copyright spat).

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2 thoughts on “Is Google a One-Trick Pony?”

  1. Google apps are still buggy, not trusting them with my data, YouTube really *IS* a massive lawsuit waiting to happen, not sure their “thin client software” model will get the big support from the mom-and-pops it will need to go mainstream (OR the horsepower it will need to convert the uber-geeks) … I like blogger, though! 🙂

    Also: as far as tricks go – if you’re only going to have 1, it seems like “being Google” is the trick to have!!

  2. Good points Jo. In the world of software it’s “innovate or die”. And for several years Google has been the shining star of innovation but their star has slowly been dimming, with their Adverts and Search sustaining their business but not winning new customers.

    I’m excited for what the future holds in online software. 🙂

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