News From Bloggers I Follow – 7/27/08

We’ll try something a tad different in the News category by linking to stories of interest hosted by bloggers or geeky sites I read and like. Last time I checked I have almost 200 feeds, surely there’s something good in there once in a while worth calling attention to, right?

It’s also a way to send them a little link love once in a while.

Neatorama calls out a cool game by the mint-maker Mentos. The game is called the Mentos Kiss Fight. Instead of throwing punches in this fight, it’s kisses you’re tossing out. I wonder if you can kiss below the belt and if that’s bad sportsmanship?

– The Blingdom of God, as usual identifies the more bizzare holy artifacts like this Virgin Mary USB flash drive. It has a glowing red heart that ‘beats’ when it’s connected.

The ChattyDM is one year old and hit quality post #400 last week. Swing on over and wish the site happy b’day on the special post.

– GeeksAreSexy informs us that PS3’s WipEout delayed for failing epilepsy tests.

According to Forever Geek, if you don’t have that Nintendo Wii yet and you’re holding out for *another* holiday season, then you’re looking forward to another shortage.

– If you’re looking for adventure but not have to actually go out and do anything, then you should look at this review at SciFi Channel on the new Indiana Jones miniatures. These are classic scenes from the Indy movies immortalized forever in miniature statues like the fist fight on the prop plane in the first movie.

Geek’s Dream Girl takes on some of your love life questions. This weekend it was Online Dating Etiquette 101: Do You HAVE to Write Back? Head on over, ask for advice, take her online dating pole.

– Kimberly at Young Black Professional Guide brings to our attention that folks are already organizing trips to witness history – the inauguration of Barrack Obama.

This is a pretty good anecdote at from Jason Scott, one of the speakers at OSCON recently. I was reading it on my mobile while out at the mall with the wife this weekend and was laughing out loud with her giving me the stink eye for paying more attention to my RSS feeds on the phone than her shopping.

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  1. Anything for you e. I love your dating profile makeovers, the one you did for Lee was really good. You should do this for a living. Alas, I’m married, but I’m definitely sending geeks your way from now on. 🙂

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