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Not surprisingly, the AAPL news is dominated by the launch of the new iPhone, the glitches around it, the overwhelming demand to buy it, the plethora of new apps released for the little gadget.

I said it once before, I’ll say it again, if you invest in the tech industry at all you’re losing out on a great thing if you don’t have some investment in AAPL. Mind you, I’m not an expert at investments, but when you see passionate users like theirs that willing buy into the outrageous calling plans tied to it, it’s pretty close to a ‘sure thing’ as far as a money maker is concerned. Here’s the AAPL stock chart for the last 5 years (up 1638%), I rest my case:

aapl July 14

Without further ado, here’s the AAPL news from the weekend but we start you off at the top with a contrarian point of view right out of the gate:

Apple/AT&T iPhone 3G launch deemed a disaster – “After having monitored blogs and news of the iPhone 3G launch all morning and afternoon, the general feeling I get is that the launch of the iPhone 3G could be considered nothing less than a disaster.”

Get VoIP on your iPhone – “While most iPhone users are stuck with an iBrick this morning as Apple’ servers can’t complete the last step of the upgrade process, those of us smart enough to take the unofficial upgrade route 24 hours ago are happily trying out new App Store Apps. This morning I turned my iPhone into a VoIP phone by installing the new Truphone iPhone app”

iPocalypse. New iPhones Rollout, Bricks Follow [Geeknews]- “Massive disruptions in the activation service for the new worldwide, 20 country, rollout of the new 3G iPhones are stretching the patience of Apple’s faithful users and causing the PR team to go silent instead of damage control.”

The great Google-Nokia-Apple war – “The 3 tech-sector giants are positioning themselves to become major players in the emerging market for versatile, computerlike smart phones.”

10 Things the 3G iPhone is Still Missing – “The new App Store has unleashed a slew of great new apps for the iPhone, but there are still a few standard features we wish Apple’s multimedia phone had. Here’s the short list. On the list includes Copy/Paste, Horizontal keyboard, Flash and more.”

Apple says yellow-tinted iPhone 3G screen deliberate – “While many new iPhone 3G owners have griped that the device’s occasionally yellowish hue is evidence of a defect, Apple has now gone on record to say that the tint is a deliberate choice to improve overall usability.”

Confessions Of A Guy Who Stood In Line 7hrsTo Buy An iPhone – “I used to wonder what kind of person stood in line for the better part of the day to buy a product when it first became available. Now I don’t have to wonder — I am one. I spent most of Friday on line at the Apple Store in Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego.. What kind of person does something like that? A really tired, bad-tempered person with aching feet.”

MobileMe: Service Temporary Unavailable – “At $99 a year, I expect my online service to function all the time. So perhaps that is why I am a little upset that Apple hasn’t been able to launch their MobileMe service properly and are experiencing outages. The fact that the service was supposed to launch at a time of Apple’s choosing, leaves no room for excuses on today’s problems.”

Send in the Clones: A Quick Round-Up of the iPhone 3G’s Chief Competition – S”o you’re taking in all of this coverage of the iPhone 3G and suddenly start saying to yourself: “Man, does this mean that I have to follow the pack completely to the Apple store in order to get a good multimedia cell phone experience? Or can I find something else that is just different but can come close to the so-called Jesus Phone? That thing’s not Jesus, alright?!”

Europe Sells Out at iPhone 3G Launch – “European retailers were sold out of the new iPhone 3G before stores in the US even opened on Friday, thanks in part to strong marketing from Apple’s mobile partners. The initial sales surge not only blew through stores’ inventory but also delivered a knock-out punch to Apple’s iTunes activation servers.”

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