Whatever Happened to the First Law of Robotics?


Who would have thought that a blog on ‘Export Law’ would have as a blog article among some of the more geeky and (at least to me) interesting topics out there.

It’s got Isaac Asimov, robotics, military, mobile gadgets and Wall-E the trash robot.

The author, Clif, brings up a good point on what may be sort of a “Don’t ask don’t tell” policy by the robot manufacture wrt how their bots may be used. Could be in a military capacity or for rescue or contamination clean-up, I guess it depends on how it’s configured in the field?

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One thought on “Whatever Happened to the First Law of Robotics?”

  1. Disregarding the fact that the First “Law” is fictional, it is also applied to the Artificial Intelligence, not the robotic framework that might house such A.I.

    Most (if not all) military robots with weapons still have their triggers operated by a person, remotely. At least for now.

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