Firefox + AT&T + Coolness = Pogo

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Believe it or not, AT&T is getting into the browser business, and they’re innovating. You really do have to view a lot of the demo to appreciate this browser, and I like the use of ‘cells’ as opposed to tabs.

Communications giant AT&T has announced that it has developed the beta version of its own browser, which it has named Pogo. The browser, not yet released to the public, is based on Mozilla and with 3D technology from Vizible.

Pogo only works with Windows XP SP2 and with Windows Vista. It needs a 1.6GHz processor and 2Gb of RAM as well as a video card with at least 256Mb of VRAM. It is understood that the browser’s performance is very poor and doesn’t like anything that doesn’t come with a Microsoft sanction. Pogo uses “cells” with thumbnail sized icons of the pages you have open, instead of tabs.

The browser is in private beta right now, if anyone has an invite to share maybe you could toss one my way? Pretty please? 🙂

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