Steampunk News 6-9-08

Dad gives son a steampunk clock wedding gift. What a beautiful gift to your son and daughter in law. Word has it that dear old dad got so caught up in the steampunk work leading up to the wedding that he wanted to wear a steampunk suit to the wedding (the mother overruled him naturally)!

Steampunk wedding gift from Dad to Son

Doctor Who Parties Like It’s 1859 With Steampunk Dalek. If you’re not familiar with these buggers known as Daleks, they are the relentless enemy of the Dr. Who universe.

Steampunk Dalek
Steampunk jewelry for sale! Cufflinks, goggles, rings, watches, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Oh my! Steampunk Jewelry
Steampunk tea pots, lots of them. Want some rust with that Earl Grey? Steampunk Teapot
MiniDigi AF5. OK, it’s not really steampunk but it’s a modern Twin Lens Relfex camera based on the 1920’s version of the camera, with a film advance crank lever on its side. It’s got a touch of ‘steampunk cool’ to it. Steampunk Rollei Camera
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