Evolta Robot Beats Out Energizer Bunny And Climbs Grand Canyon on AA batteries

Robot climbing grand canyon

In a promotional stunt, Panasonic attached a little robot to a rope and had it climb the rope…up the Grand Canyon wall.

Robot Evolta kept climbing and climbing — up a rope dangling from the cliff for nearly seven hours on a pair of AA batteries that Panasonic is billing as the world’s longest lasting. The vertical climb was 1,740 ft (about 500-metera) and took exactly 6 hours 40 minutes.

Guinness World Records certified Evolta earlier in the year as “the longest-lasting AA alkaline battery cell,” based on testing under guidelines set by the industry’s International Electrotechnical Commission this year.

Yeah, I think climbing the Grand Canyon or some very tall structure makes for a great measure of power available from a battery and that it can keep going and going and going…I’d love to see some competition like this between Duracell, Energizer and Panasonic; how cool would that be?

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