The Little Mermaid Cosplay

I ran across a great mermaid costume online that does well in keeping to the original cartoon movie The Little Mermaid. What do you think?

Mermaid Cosplay

EDIT: I was linking to the original location for this pic but it looks like the url is no longer valid. Here’s the original url in case you can dig around and find it again, if you do please feel free to let me know:

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5 thoughts on “The Little Mermaid Cosplay”

  1. ok, i have been dying to find a mermaid costume like that with the tail built right in, but i cannot find one. i want to try swimming with it, just to see what it feels like. where can i find one? where did you find yours?

  2. has some really nice tails, also you can only swim in a tail if it has a monofin. This picture doesn’t look like it has one. The fin on this tail looks like the fairy wings you can make by wrapping tulle around a wire hanger frame.

    By the way, if you can sew fairly well you can make a tail. Just google it and it’s easy to find. I’ve found more helpful videos than websites so check definitely youtube.

  3. Cute side/ HOT side or What I’d say for the two part photo:

    LEFT SIDE: “Hey kids, come ‘er and look at this!”

    RIGHT SIDE: “Kids, leave the room.”

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