Cosplay Gone Bad

I’m no Prince Charming myself so far be it from me to poke fun at how others dress, but pray tell, which is the worst costume below: Strong Bad or Pikachu?

Pics link to original.

Strong Bad!


Strong Bad Pikachu
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8 thoughts on “Cosplay Gone Bad”

  1. They’re .. umm quite cute actually – I think I’ve seen much worse. Can’t find the link to the exact picture I’m referring to currently, but I’ll update when I find it πŸ™

    BTW, I think the Pikachu costume is really cool πŸ™‚

  2. I\’m actually legitimately looking for this pikachu outfit. I NEED MY HIPSTER CRED. But seriously, does anyone know where I can find this. or do you think it was homemade?

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