Feb 232008

The other day I posted the Cosplay Mosaic set of pics I assembled using an online tool from Big Huge Labs.

Below is a resulting ‘motivational poster’ I put together from another of their tools. Sure, maybe ’embrace diversity’ isn’t very motivational but it’s all I could come up with on the spur of the moment when I decided it would involve ‘Marta’.

Marta was the green Orion consort of Lord Garth in the episode ‘Whom Gods Destroy‘ from the Star Trek the original series.

Motivational - Embrace Diversity

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  1. […] This is my second ‘motivational’ poster. The first one was Motivational: Embrace Diversity […]

  2. Please tell me you’ve seen the new orion girls from Enterprise… green … it still works.

  3. […] to ‘Marta’, an alien character from a race well-known for their seduction powers. Also, her body is entirely green. Apparently, this has become A Thing. If I had a nickel for every person who asked me if I’d […]

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