The Women Of Sci-Fi And Their Provocative Poses: Jeri Lynn Ryan

Seven of Nine Seven of Nine headshot

I’m toying with a new topic, let me know if it’s over the top or not. It’s to show off some of our favorite heroines or villains in Sci-Fi, but in a little more provocative manner than usual.

In some cases their characters are provocative on screen, let alone once they’re in a private studio stripping in front of a camera. Take for instance Jeri Lynn Ryan, aka ‘Seven of Nine’ in Star Trek Voyager. I don’t know why she would have to resort to such provocative poses, she had us at her first tricorder reading.

jeri ryan Jeri Lynn Ryan

Jeri’s first two poses are fairly tame, the next two are questionable as to whether they are safe for work. And since we don’t want to get in trouble at work, here’s the thumbnails:

jeri_ryan Jeri Denim

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7 thoughts on “The Women Of Sci-Fi And Their Provocative Poses: Jeri Lynn Ryan”

  1. Heh, I remember reading that they’re actually part of the costume, just like the ribbing stuff on her stomach.

    Apparently sex appeal was the last-resort when they realized the writing was horrible.

  2. I’m sorry, henry z, but I can’t believe that.

    Oh, no, I can believe that they decided to add nipples to the costume.

    I can’t believe that it took 3 entire series, plus a bunch of movies, for them to realise that the writing in Star Trek was awful.

    I mean, I figured that out the first time I ever saw Capt. Kirk.

    (Though I still watch it, as it’s fun. I just have no illusions about the writing quality.)

    (And I have to add, that despite any writing flaws, Voyager had the most relatable and likable characters of all the Treks. And it had the Doctor, which made up for a lot.)

  3. Jeri is just hot….gorgeous, nice smile, body to hold against you..Her and the psychologist on Next gen are quite the duo…

  4. Jerri Lynn Ryan played really good in that part as “Seven of Nine”! She’s smart & I enjoyed watching her eye movements, when she was, or was not saying an acting lines. And I believe that she’s a hot lady, & the makeup she wears on the Star Trek show: Star Trek Voyager, even looked hotter! Yeah for the developers of Star Trek & all the variations!

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