Boeing’s New Military ‘Frankentanker’ Design

Boeings Frankentanker

I’m hoping one of our military folks that reads Geeknews, specifically Rizzo, can comment on this whole affair.

The Seattle-Times is reporting that Boeing’s opponents and critics are calling their latest design proposal for the military’s new air tanker a clumsily stitched together horror of parts assembled from different models of the 767. Visit the news page to see the bigger pic of the caricature, you can see a Frankenstein bolt sticking out of it’s ‘neck’ right behind the cockpit.

Boeing is competing for the contract against the bids by Northrop-Grumman and Airbus who are combining their efforts. If you haven’t been following this tale there’s been some very interesting twists and scenarios in this hotly contested contract, not the least of which is that Airbus may become Americans since they’d end up moving some of their manufacturing plants to the United States if they win the contract! Imagine that.

The Airbus/Northrop proposal is based on the A330 MRTT, Boeing’s proposal is called the KC-767.

Hey Rizzo – you work on the KC-135 Stratotanker that is to be replaced by the winning design, do you or your team ever talk about the next big thing in air refueling like these bad boys? Do you have any preference or comments?


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2 thoughts on “Boeing’s New Military ‘Frankentanker’ Design”

  1. Why would we ever send a military plane contract to a foreign country??? And there would go billions of dollars out of our economy. Insanity??? Oh they would build part of the plane here in this country? How nice of them!!

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