Zune Hack: Sync Zune w/iTunes, WinAmp, MediaMonkey and More…


There’s a post over at Zuneboards on this cool application called zAlternator that essentially unlocks the Zune to make it available as a general USB media device that can mimic an iPod sync’ing with iTunes and other more generic devices that can sync with Windows Media Player or WinAmp.

From the post, it appears the app is still a little untested like the iTunes features, but if you’re the adventurous sort it’s likely not going to cause harm that a re-sync with the Zune software won’t fix, eh? If you have problems head to the support thread, it appears folks are having problems with sync’ing on iTunes which is to be expected.

The post also lists a few short manual steps that ‘unlock’ the Zune to make it worky in these other modes.

Me? I’m not the adventurous sort. 🙂

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