A Little Competition Can Really Motivate People To Adopt Low-Carbon Solutions

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CSMonitor: Home energy use gets a ‘Smackdown’ on reality TV.

Pretty much everyone knows that reducing your energy consumption is a good thing, if not for the savings cost to you in the monthly energy bill then perhaps to reduce the overall carbon emissions rate in your country.

It’s not too painful to make some effort to reduce consumption, but when you think you’ve done all that can reasonably be expected, all it takes is a little competition with your neighbors to prove that you could do more.

The article link above to the Christian Science Monitor is about a reality TV show of 3 families each with different pre-existing levels of energy consumption awareness and they’re competing against each other to further reduce.

What if this basic concept was rolled out to local communities, pitting regional neighborhoods against one another or household against household. For example, if the top 100 households in your town to show the greatest percentage drop in energy usage from quarter to quarter were to receive a reduced energy rate for the following year (assuming the drop isn’t due to vacancy of the house). The next 100 households earn a tax credit, etc…

I love competition, something like this would motivate me to probably wear more clothing in the house and turn the thermostat down a few notches. 🙂

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