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Stumbled on this post today from earlier in the year by Roys (aka the DownloadMonkey), regarding blog mascots being the in-thing. Oh, look at this, Roys also has a pictorial blog: The Demon King. And from reading his last post, it appears he went off and got himself married 2 weeks ago? Congrats!! Contrary to popular belief, us geeks aren’t doing half bad in the department of finding girls, are we? :)

Anyway, back to the mascot idea. Danny Choo has Mirai as his mascot below, Danny is ‘da man’. If you’ve never been to his site, go there sometime when you’re really bored and hang out for an hour surfing the pics (and clicking on some adverts):


And the Elderly Gamer has Olga as his mascot, though Olga really isn’t my style, something is creeping me out there but it’s the right idea.

So now you know the next thing I’m wondering, right? Who or *what* is the Geeknews mascot? I have some ideas twirling around the noodle right now, like maybe this, but with a sword…like this Pirate Wench. Though this isn’t looking too bad either.

How does one go about getting a mascot? I’m not sure, probably involves hiring someone that has artistic skills (no thank you Demon King :P). I asked Phil for details when he was bragging about his really cool avatar: ‘Hot Damn! Who’s that Sexy DM?‘. So far he’s not talking, other than to point out Veronica Pare’s services.

Hmm, a blog mascot. I’m liking this the more I think about it…so far it looks like i have it down to a Human Ladybug, a Pirate Wench or a Hooker. ooh, maybe something along the lines of a superhero (Wonder Woman’ish perhaps)?

What say you?

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  5 Responses to “OK, So Who Is My Mascot?”

  1. I was saving the story for when I had a new theme for the blog to showcase the banner. But it’s not that mysterious a story to keep as a secret until then…

    Bottom line, I hired her to draw me a banner, from which I took the Avatar. We hammered out a paid commission for it and I’m since then a satisfied customer.

    Veronica can be reached at the email she posts on her site.

  2. aw man, you ruined it by getting all serious. :)

  3. Hmm, your comments got marked as spam by Akismet Roys, that’s weird. I’ll go check the settings and see why that happened.

    Wow, that Pirate Girl….now that’s a mascot!! :)

  4. […] You probably haven’t put two and two together yet, recall the question I posed the other day: “OK, So Who Is My Mascot?“. […]

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