Very Cool DIY Dice Tower

UPDATE Sept 2013:
The original links are broken because the site moved around, go here:

Matthieu has put together his own wooden dice tower, very nice. I wonder if there’d be a way to replace the ploycarbonate at the bottom with wood? I imagine the dice would make a great clankitty clank sound bouncing off the plastic at the bottom right now.

Perhaps he could add some felt or rubber matting at the bottom tray to quiet things down.

A nice feature of this tower is that you can watch the dice all the way down. There could be no suspicion that some loaded die was popping out at the bottom for that critical hit you need at just the right moment 🙂

Very nice DIY project.

DIY Dice Tower

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8 thoughts on “Very Cool DIY Dice Tower”

  1. Naw, I don’t read the language anymore. I took some french classes early in high school but transferred to two additional high schools in the remaining 3 years, each with their own requirements and French became deprioritized in school #2. Which kind of was a good thing in a sense because I got a smattering of exposure to many different cultures as we moved around the world. 🙂

    Bad news, i’m not an expert in any of them, good news i’m well rounded.

  2. Ahh Jack of all trades is good.

    I am French (and a Canuck)so it was funny to see all those game related posts in French…. but his comment scripts are broken!


  3. Fantastic project! It looks as though your links are broken however… Do you have the plans for this tower available anywhere else? It seems like a great project for my son and I to attempt!

  4. Hi BJ, i updated the top of the article with new links to the original article. The author at that location can probably provide you with the blueprints. Good luck 🙂

  5. FYI, the links in this sentence no longer work: “Below are just two of the many pics you’d find in the series of articles with the beginning here showing the plans, the basic cut out pieces here, the tower is taking shape after being glued here and the Dice Tower complete here.”


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