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Here’s a cute little web browser based “game” that lets you create a city sort of like SimCity.  There’s nothing to do, it’s all automatic, and is completely based on original hits from individual IP addresses.  The more people that visit the city, the more it expands in detail.  On the website it shows what pages to visit in order to increase different factors of the city.


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So – go visit GeekNews City and let the population explosion begin!

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4 thoughts on “GeekNews Minicity”

  1. Hey cool … but I guess this is more fun when there’s a lot of visitors 🙁

    Will try to visit GeekNews City everyday and see it grow 😀

  2. Yeah, what’s the deal with 1 stinking building in the middle?

    Patrick, build me a city! Get the word out! [As i shoot my six-gun at his feet to make him dance]

  3. While the idea is pretty cool, it is a somewhat transparent gimmick to drive traffic to advertisement pageviews.

    You have an apartment building now and 14 citizen as I write this.

    What would be really cool would be if you could get this as a Widget for a blog/domain and it would build itself as people visited your sites’ various pages.

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