A Hot Planet Needs Cool Kids

 Climate Change

Green Goat Books, practically in my backyard at Bainbridge Island, is an independent publisher made up of, well, I guess I would call these ladies ‘hard core passionate environmental enthusiasts’, where everyday is Earth Day.

They’ve published a book ‘A Hot Planet Needs Cool Kids: Understanding Climate Change and What You Can Do About It‘ (Amazon) that I wouldn’t mind if the local schools made it required reading as part of the science class in grade school. Mind you, I’m pretty tight fisted when it comes to schools, tax levies and the like so that should tell you something about the bar I have.

I don’t have children, but I’m purchasing this book for my sister’s family that is being home schooled. It appears to teach and inspire through clear and accessible writing, engaging illustrations, hands-on activities, facts and an empowering message to get kids involved in confronting climate change.

I just hope it doesn’t turn them into a bunch of fanatics rushing to the nearest Green Peace rally! 😛

It also has some ringing endorsements, one of which is from the Pew Center on Global Climate Change and others (like Bill Nye’s science writer). [BTW, from looking at the Pew Center’s Career Opportunities page I don’t see an opening for a web master. For crying out loud, are you using a FrontPage template!?]. Sorry for the digression…

Here’s a sampling of the 88 page book, it sells on Amazon for US$15.99.

A hot planet needs cool kids

Also see the author’s other initiatives:

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  1. Just that it’s a small world, been checking this site for years and seeing someone post about Bainbridge Island is just interesting 🙂

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